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  1. Well, I won a Super bowl with the 1992 Browns (I think they're a pretty decent team actually, and the Tecmo designers must've been psychic in knowing that Keenan McCardell would be a real good receiver) but here's the thing: I played the 49ers in the Super Bowl, and the most amazing thing is that they never attempted a 2 point conversion. The other amazing aspect is that I blocked a field goal, two extra points, and the holder was ran over on the other PAT (credit to M.D. Perry, who's the doctor of causing that sort of havoc. Not quite like Tecmo Bowl Lawrence Taylor, but Michael Dean does work). The final score was 30-18, with the browns scoring the final 23 points. Maybe this was a game the CPU should've thought about going for two!
  2. I got used to the CPU always going for two, but I still groan about it, since as you said, it hardly ever works for them.
  3. Good review of the game; I got lucky two years ago and discovered a copy on amazon for only 51$, and the cart came looking shiny and brand new, as if it was never used (maybe it wasn't, it's that clean). I LOVE the three separate rosters for corresponding seasons, I think it really makes this games special. A few nitpicks about this game though: no first down marker of any kind (even the original Tecmo Bowl had a dotted line, this game has no first down sticks or dotted line), the computer goes for two much too often, when the pass is intercepted there is no info on who intercepted the pass (unless you score), and the stats screens have a lot of space, but it's pretty underused (say, if three players have sacks for your team, it will show only one, even though there's room). Otherwise, I think this is a fantastic game.
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