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  1. Hello guys: I found a conversation where Coach K was hacked and teams such as UNC & Georgetown were added. Someone help me find the rom hack! Regards. (RB34) Nick W.
  2. Roms on Tecmo.org. Hey guys I'm curious. I hope I can get a straight answer with anyone's being sarcastic. I can download a rom from this site and have it covered to a cart/NES, correct?
  3. Brian. I wanted to dump what you created on a NES cart. Do think this is possible.

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    2. TecmoRB#34


      And question. Could fumbles be added to Tecmobowl?

    3. Baron von Lector

      Baron von Lector

      It's funny that you mention the College All-Time greats because that's actually on my radar for a future ROM edit.  As far as fumbles go, I'm sure it can be added, but because it's not normally in the game it would take a serious overhaul within the actual coding of the game.  For now, that's beyond my expertise level.

    4. TecmoRB#34




      Is it possible I can assist you with the Tecmo College All-time Greats.. I also wanted to know if you can share a link to where I can find the HAX editior. I wanted to get the ball rolling. I notice some players missing from your Tecmo NCAA 2017 version. Ohio State was missing Samuel #4, & JT Barret is #16.


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