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  1. Dude!


    You are missing the mark with these NBA games, I told ya the Coach K edit will put you in GOD status, lol. Love your work bro, keep pumping out the NBA roms.

    1. kdubmods


      Lmao! I heard you, but...



      ...apparently ain't nobody got time for that!


      If we get some of these smarter cats (drunken_monkey, hurricane55, TecmoTurd) back to working on it, then I'm in there like swimwear, either making or assisting with a couple of different versions (e.g. March Madness, NBA, Legends)


      Otherwise, another option would be to create my own from scratch, but that might take me a couple of years.


    2. hurricane55


      The only thing i remember is the way Genesis coded it was near impossible for graphics edits on players.  The logos were puzzle pieces and had to be done certain ways to make it work.. 


      I think I may have files saved on a thumb drive. The biggest issue i ran into was i could not find the simulator numbers for teams when simming games in tourney mode.  All others were pretty much cut and dry and had figured what they did as far as player stats, attributes, etc.

  2. Has anyone started to edit this rom yet? I want to play with Jordan on UNC, Kenny Anderson on GA-Tech, & Harold Minor-USC "Baby Jordan" and others. Thanks, Nick W.
  3. Hello Von,


    Is it possible you can add Sony Michel to UGA on " Running play one" on your NCAA Tecmo Bowl 2017 rom?


    This is one of my favorite versions of your NCAA rom''s. UGA had a very spectacular back field that year and you only have Nick Cubb in the back field. I feel that Sony complement's Chubb similar to Bo Jackson & Marcus Allen on the original Tecmo rom.


    Sony Michel stats for 2017.

    Rush Yards: 1,227

    TD's: 16




    If you can make that quick adjustment, this would be awesome.


    Thank you sir!


  4. Oh you Von you!!!!

    you never disappoint sir!!!


  5. When are you making another NCAA Tecmo Football 2019?

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    2. Baron von Lector

      Baron von Lector

      I do, but small scale modifications, such as adding a player to a game, or in the case or Tecmo Bowl NCAA 2019, I replaced a team with another team.  It's taking me a long time to put out ROMs these days as my employment has changed.  Basically, I used to work a job that allowed me to do mods while waiting for something at work to happen.  It's taken me 4 months longer to put out Griffey 19 than usual.  The project you mention, I have actually put it on my radar.  It might be something that I look into after the baseball season ends.

    3. TecmoRB#34


      Wow! I hope you can complete the NCCA Tecmo Greats project, I honestly I feel that would be a great choice of many. I would love to help give you some insight, for example, I know its a playbook consisting of 4-plays, 2 runs & 2 pass, I would like to have a run heavy team such as UGA 1980 with 3 run/1pass. I have a list of the greatest NCAA D1 colleges and rosters I wouldn't mind sharing with you, maybe that would help you cut the time in half to create.

    4. TecmoRB#34


      I also wanted to know, how many teams can that particular rom hold "Tecmo Bowl". I know you added 32 on the pervious rom?

  6. Brian. I wanted to dump what you created on a NES cart. Do think this is possible.

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    2. TecmoRB#34


      And question. Could fumbles be added to Tecmobowl?

    3. Baron von Lector

      Baron von Lector

      It's funny that you mention the College All-Time greats because that's actually on my radar for a future ROM edit.  As far as fumbles go, I'm sure it can be added, but because it's not normally in the game it would take a serious overhaul within the actual coding of the game.  For now, that's beyond my expertise level.

    4. TecmoRB#34




      Is it possible I can assist you with the Tecmo College All-time Greats.. I also wanted to know if you can share a link to where I can find the HAX editior. I wanted to get the ball rolling. I notice some players missing from your Tecmo NCAA 2017 version. Ohio State was missing Samuel #4, & JT Barret is #16.


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