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  1. does the total of 255 include the kicker and punter sim numbers or is that seperate?
  2. That's what I do with my rom I make sure all my dB's have (0) on pass rush sim so majority of the sacks come from front seven...safety at times gets a sack once in while not often
  3. ok I just took a peek at your rom..CHANGE ALL THE SAFETIES SIM PASS RUSH to (0) see if that helps...
  4. Have you reduced the pass rush sim to (0) ? Your talking about the strong safety right?
  6. HELLO EVERYONE I KNOW MOST OF KNOW WHO I AM....IM THE GUY THAT BUGS THE CRAP OUT OF YOU EVERYTIME I HAVE A BROKEN ROM....LOL...I SHOULD HAVE STARTED THIS POST A LONG TIME ...OK FIRST STARTERS IM NOT VERY GOOD AT EXPLAINING MYSELF WHEN IT COMES TO BEING COMPUTER SAVVY...I HAVE BEEN A HUGE Tecmo Super Bowl FAN SINCE THE FIRST DAY IT CAME OUT ON NES CONSOLE... I STILL HAVE THE CARTRIDGE THAT I PURCHASED THE FIRST DAY IT CAME OUT...I SED TO SUBCRIBE TO THE NINTENDO POWER MAGAZINES AND WHEN I FIRST SAW IT BEING ADVERTISED COMING SOON AFTER Tecmo Bowl WAS RELEASED I STARTED MOWING LAWNS TO SAVE UP FOR THE GAME...SORRY BACK TO THE POINT OF THIS...OK SO SHOUT TO ALL OF YOU THAT HAS HELPED ME FROM THE START OR SHOULD I SAY PUT UP WITH ME BEIING SO ANOYING...WHEN I FIRST NOTICED THIS SITE I WAS SO EXCITED ABOUT HOW YOU WERE CONTINUING TO NOT ONLY HAVING ONLINE TOURNAMENTS BUT ALSO CREATING NEW ROMS BY UPDATING NEW ROSTERS AND PLAYER ATTRIBUTES...I WAS LIKE THATS AWESOME ...SO THE FIRST PERSON WHO SHOWED ME HOW HOW TO USE TSBTOOL SUPREME WAS @BAD_AL...I literally had him screen share my computer with me live so he can teach me how to use TSBTool on my Mac using the terminal app...thers know way I would have figured it out myself...that was cool for about 2yrs until my computer had update....after that I was furious ...it wiped out everything and on top of that with new update for whatever reason the terminal app no longer allowed to use TSBTool to continue enjoying the game on my computer...I went through battles with apple support days to weeks to months arguing all because of that stupid update it ended it all for me...afetr months of bothering most of to help me with update rosters for I beggan to notice people were getting tired of helping...I don't blame them looking back at it now...until one day I searched the web countless of time looking to see if there was another of being able to use my Mac without having to purchase a new computer that I really count afford...so one day I came across a website called PARALLEL..its basically turning your Mac into windows...so I downloaded and it works great for TSBTool for Mac owners...so it everything works great for editing for both Tecmo Bowl and super bowl until I messed with any of the NFC West TEAMS ROSTER AND PLAYER ATTRIBUTES...IT WOULD BREAK THE GAME...peolple like @SBluemanand @gojiphen malorand many others tried to teach about the hex editor using command stuff to fix that problem...once none of there suggestions worked because I found even after I took my computer to apple there peopke got there people to try to use that hex on my Mac even though I had windows installed they couldn't figure it out they said something about apple put some kid of restrictions or some crap that it wasn't allowing to use hex to fix the roms I needed ...so basically im just letting everyone for those that put up with me many times im sorry and I appreciateall the help and advice that I have received...so now I'm going to give some advice myself to those who own a Mac and want to be able to edit and creat there own roms like everyone else...TAKE YOUR MAC OUTSIDE IN THE BACKYARD AND SMASH IT WITH A BASEBALL BAT MAKING THERS NO WAY IN HELL NOT A PIECE OF THAT COMPUTER IS ABLE TO BE REUSED FOR SMALL PARTS TO FIX OTHERS MAC COMPUTERS AND PURCHASE A COMPUTERS THAT HAS WINDOWS OR SOMETHING THATS COMPATIBLE TO WINDOWS TO USE TSBTOOL OR OTHER TOOLS THAT ARE AVAILABLE ON THIS SITE ....THANX EVERYONE ONCE AGAIN...NOW IM OFF TO SHOP FOR A NEW COMPUTER SOMETHING AFFORDALBLE SO I CAN HURRY BACK AND DESTROY THIS FREAKIN COMPUTER...GO RAIDERS!!!!!
  7. ok thanks I'll try it...really appreciate it 👍
  8. is there anybody who can please help me out with tsbtool or any other type of tool that would help edit players on my mac laptop
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