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  1. MontanaRice

    Raspberry pii

    Let me know and we can try a game
  2. MontanaRice

    Raspberry pii

    I haven't tried it yet. It doesn't look very complicated. One of the problems I have is I don't know anyone else personally who plays games on the Pi. I currently have about 15 Tecmo games loaded on the Pi with most of them coming from this site. You should research the Pi. They aren't that much and you can find them online preloaded with games and Kodi. If you get one holler at me and we can see if we can get it going online.
  3. MontanaRice

    Raspberry pii

    I have a Pi. I have alot of downloaded Tecmo games. We have tournaments on it. It is a great system. You can also play it online. I hope to see some online tecmo tournaments on the Pi soon.