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  1. Who ever taught TBK how to use a computer I want to thank you personally.
  2. When a King falls, make sure everyone is witness to see him die.
  3. As good of a run that Legalize Kemp had last season, with the NBA's trade deadline coming to a close, it only makes sense that @DT. would trade a contending partner, for a rebuilding one. Hopefully the power "jeremy" will create an "even flow" of a transition game keeping us "alive" before the never ending fade to "black"
  4. XtraLargent

    Portland, OR - 01/27/18 - J.J.'s Birden

    this format could be a lot of fun.
  5. All i know is TBK better be thankful he is duckin me in another conference. Gonna be great to see Mort & Lou again. As for Kamp i owe you about 6 at this point. Bring your 6 shooters boys cause i'm comin in mouth running and guns blazing! 6 days fools!
  6. 1.) Raiders 2.) Seahawks 3.) Packers 4.) Falcons 5.) Eagles
  7. I wish we had a July tourney... September is too far off.
  8. That was a great tourney. Had a lot of fun and the venue was perfect... if not for my yelling, swearing, crotch grabbing arrogance it would have remained classy. Congrats to Vader. Grip... I'm due. Manyo pleasure to finally lock horns. DT... work on your game...
  9. 2 days twats. I can't wait to seek revenge on TBK. I look forward to our sidebet Bears/Cards matchup for a beer. I also seek revenge on DT who has beaten me in back to back tourneys. I also hope this is the tourney where MAD MAX MANYO or whatever the F he is calling himself these days finally get to lock joy sticks, 2 button controllers or whatever sexual innuendo that needs providing to make this rant work. See you all saturday!
  10. Kitchen pass obtained. See you twats in 8 days. Can't wait to see Johnny J reppin the rose city. Should be a fun one boys. Not sure who will win, but it's pretty clear who the MVP is going to be. Good luck to all runners up. I am the real MVP.
  11. I'm looking forward to this one. Might miss the Blazers game cause the fam and I might be out at Seaside. All is good tho.
  12. XtraLargent

    Seattle, WA - 09/04/16 - Pac-Rim III

    I just remember you foolishly picking a Bears/Cards matchup... No fumbles needed as I'm sure you are still experiencing Neal Anderson nightmares.