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  1. Ha, I miss the '90's. Watching The X-Files and playing Tecmo Super Bowl for the NES with my friends.
  2. Hi. I just started recently playing these games. I posted this here since this forum looks like it gets more traffic than the TSB 2 forum. I was wondering. 1) On defense, when do you guys usually call Nickel, Dime, and Goal Line defenses? 2) When do you guys usually utilize audibles on defense? 3) When do you guys usually utilize audibles on offense? What I've been been doing lately is just treating this game like TSB 1. On offense, I never audible. And on defense, I never call anything except Normal defense and I never audible.
  3. Sorry, I'm a newbie. What would be the best editor to use to do this?
  4. Hi. I was wondering is there a way to get the clock to run in Overtime in postseason games? I wanted to be able keep track of how long Overtime actually lasts in playoff games. Basically, I'd like to see the clock act like an Overtime game in the regular season. It starts at 5 minutes and works it's way down. And at the lower right hand corner of the play call screen it says "5 QTR". Only in the postseason, if nobody has scored the game doesn't end in a tie. Instead 5 minutes are added again and the lower right hand corner of the play call screen says "6 OTR". And this process would repeat itself until somebody actually scored, so the lower right corner of the play screen would increase by 1 after each 5 minutes say "7 QTR, 8 QTR, 9 QTR, 10 QTR", etc. Everything else stays the same. First team to score wins the game. CPU logic in OT is the same. Would this be difficult or easy to do?
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