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  1. Sten-Z

    NGTL S4 Roll Call

    Out this time around but might be interested in future seasons. Working 2 jobs for the next few months. I don't wanna join and then not be able to get my games in. Sorry
  2. Sten-Z

    NGTL Waiting List

    STEP ONE: (Questionnaire - Please copy and paste into a new post on this thread) Discord: StenZ Nickname (if applicable): Email: [email protected] Availability: EST 9pm or later is best but I will occasionally be available earlier. I also sometimes have weekdays off if others do as well Can you host?: Yes List 4 Team Preferences: Det/TB/SD/Rams What's your location/timezone?:EST Why do you want to join NGTL?: I'd like to play regularly with skilled players so I can improve my game. I'm admittedly on the lower end at the moment and realize it may take some time and practice
  3. Sten-Z

    Tecmonster's TSB 2018 cover art

    Any word on when this will be released? Looking forward to it.
  4. I am most likely gonna be able to make it. I will know more in the coming weeks how certain it is.