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  1. I had an awesome time! Those Two Roads Holiday Ales pack a punch. Can't wait for next year!
  2. I live in CT and would love to attend. I also have at least 1 friend that can make it also.
  3. Would there be any juice involved in a season where every team is set to "MAN"? My friends and I play full seasons game by game and there are times when it seems the Tecmo Gods want a bad team to win or vice versa.
  4. I don't think I have the mental stamina to go for another 900 seasons. I did keep a spreadsheet for the 100 I did. The 49ers made it to 59 SB's and won 40 of them. They won the NFC West 99 times with the Saints winning it once. Some other interesting stats: A division winner won 79 SB's with a Wild Card team taking 21. The Jet's and Patriots were the only teams to go 0-16. Dave Waymer had 23 Ints in one season The Seahawks won 5 SB's, The Broncos 3 and the Chief's 0 I attached the spreadsheet to this post if you're at all interested. I'm definitely curious to see some info from a 1000 season sim. Tecmo Super Bowl 100 seasons.xlsx
  5. That's awesome! I didn't even think it was possible. A few years ago I auto played 100 seasons in a row to see who would win it all. The Colts were the only team that never made the playoffs.
  6. Check out Belichick with the shiny red jacket.
  7. Are you sure you're not thinking about Johnny Hector?
  8. Wow, never knew that. Thanks for the link and quick response. Has it ever been confirmed whether the player plays to the condition or the number?
  9. This is something that seems to happen fairly commonly on my cartridge. A player will be in excellent condition but his numbers will be below his average condition. Any idea why this happens? I've been pouring through the forums and haven't seen it brought up. Thanks. Oh, and sorry for the flip phone screen shot.
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