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  1. I see your examples are mainly from the various Roms. Are Roms more prone to glitches than the regularly released games?
  2. Yeah that is very possible that they were projecting how good teams may be in 1991 based off of how they did in 1990. Doing things like that would work better back then than it would now as teams change a lot quicker (and there overall is a lot more parity in the league) than there was in the early '90's. My feeling is that the people that made the game tended to favor teams with popular players. As I said in my initial post the Browns should have been that team that was duking it out with the Patriots for the moniker of being the worst team in the game. However the Browns had a very popular player in Bernie Kosar (though they don't name him Kosar in the game) and the team had just come off of several years in the late '80's where they were super bowl contenders. So there probably would have been a lot more people wanting to play as the Browns than there would have been people wanting to play as the Colts.
  3. Yeah that is what I originally thought might be the case in that the Colts in this game were based off the '91 Colts and not the '90 Colts. However the game was shipped before the '91 regular season was even finished (and most all other teams in the game are good representations of how they were in 1990 and not 1991). I would think they would have had the rosters finalized at least a couple/few months beforehand and that would have been when the '91 season was just getting under way. Them reacting to the '91 season would sound like a good way to really mess up their game.
  4. A lot of people consider the Patriots and Colts as being without a doubt the two worst teams in the game. The 1990 Patriots definitely were as bad as how they were presented in the game. They went 1-15 and scored less than 200 points all season long. They are easily one of the worst teams during the Super Bowl era. THe Colts are more interesting case though. They went 7-9 and though they did have a pretty average offense there were several other teams in the AFC that gave up more points in 1990 than they did. THe Jets, Browns, Chargers, Broncos, Patriots, Bucs, Lions, Packers, Vikings, Rams, and Falcons all had worse records than the Colts in the year this game was based off. You might think that the Colts in TSB represent how bad the 1991 Colts were however the game was released prior to the '91 season even being finished (the '91 Colts were easily as bad as the '90 Patriots were). What is interesting is the Browns should have been that team that was fighting it out with the Patriots to not have that reputation of being the worst team in the game. THe 1990 Browns went 3-13 and scored about 60 points fewer than the Colts did and gave up about a 100 more points. I'm guessing the reason they chose for the Colts to be that team that the Patriots could play with instead of one of the other teams that had worse records than them in 1990 was because for the most part all the other teams listed (with maybe the exception of the Bucs) were either more popular teams than the Colts or had more popular stars on their team. THe Colts at that point had lost a lot of their luster from being the Baltimore Colts. They moved cities less than a decade earlier and hadn't really done a whole lot. They did have Eric Dickerson but he was hitting the tail end of his career and was in contract disputes during that time period and I'm not sure was all that well liked then. Compare that to the Browns who had Bernie Kosar on their team and had had some really good teams in the late '80's.
  5. Cool thanks. Given that when I did have this game my friends and I would often only play with a combination of about five teams or so I never found things like this out.
  6. Do the Redskins wear their red jerseys with white pants against any teams? Sorry don't have the game anymore so can't see for myself.
  7. Better get to it now before the league officially folds in another year or so.
  8. Thanks. Do the 49ers wear that darker version against the Bears? As that was a match-up my friends and I used to play a lot back then as he was a big Bears fan. In the tournaments they put up on youtube they often do the 49ers vs Oilers match up and it surprised me first time I saw it how light the 49ers uniform looked (we never really played with the Oilers)
  9. The year the game is based off the Redskins finished 10-6 so they are represented pretty well. They were never a team that had a roster full of huge stars. They were always just a very solid team from top to bottom and the game represents that. The '91 Redskins just had several players have career years all at the same time.
  10. There were a couple special reasons why the '99 season may have been made. One is that it was the season that the Browns came back so someone may have wanted to play with that team. It also was the year that the greatest show on turf won the Super Bowl.
  11. I now and then just pull up youtube and watch a little TSB tournament play from the Retro Gaming channel (not much of a gamer anymore so I just get my Tecmo fix from doing that). It's been interesting for me to see all the different uniform combinations teams have.....for instance I never knew the Falcons had a white uniform or the Chargers had another uniform....etc....etc.... Back when I was real heavy into playing Tecmo in the early '90's we often would just play with the same teams for the most part and they generally tended to be some of the better teams in the game.....SF, Giants, Chicago, Bills, and probably one or two others so I never grew familiar with the average to poor teams in the game. So which teams in the game have only one uniform no matter who they play? I think Dallas might be one and the Bears might be another. Think the 49ers might only have one uniform as well. Does anyone know a list of teams that only has one uniform in TSB?
  12. Yeah from '95 to '01 there were an awkward number of teams in comparison to the consistency they had in teams and divisions from '70-'94 and '02 to present.
  13. I like the simulation games where the computer plays against itself (I have a league currently going in Front Office Football 7 that is up to year 2040 right now) however the A.I just isn't good enough in Tecmo to have much fun doing something similar with TSB.
  14. I think it is slightly funny that page 3 goes back almost 20 years.
  15. It was a very good game. I do think the 49ers had the better overall team. If the 9ers had a slightly better qb the game would have been a runaway for them. Congrats to the Chiefs though. Way too early to be talking about any dynasty for KC as chances are good that they will lose a couple of their playmakers through free agency since a lot of them will be demanding big money now. They were fortunate to be able to win the SB while their qb and their top WR were still on their rookie contracts.
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