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  1. You heard it here first...2018 is the year that George S., aka The People's Champ, gets Madison Tecmo win numero uno! #StoneColdLock
  2. Great job running the tourney @SammieSmith33. Really liked how everyone got to advance to bracket play! Shout out to The People's Champ on his first victory in Tecmo Tourney play. #He'sGotBlockers
  3. When is Nostradamus going to give us a breakdown of the brackets?
  4. He's locked and loaded to triple fist long islands and offend the women in your family. #Tecmo17
  5. Spring Break Vet

    Madison, WI - 02/20/16 - Tecmo XII: There's Something About Barry

    Thanks to everyone who played a role in putting this tournament on over the years! It is a pleasure reading this and seeing respect being paid to The People's Champ, George. Here are a few moments from last weekend that you may have missed: 1. The People's Champ captivated a small audience with an enthusiastic speech about his upcoming armwrestling tournament. With a victory, he would start his own trucking company and get custody of his son. 2. While walking by a car occupied by three females, the Champ quipped, "I'm f#%#ing all three of you tonight!" While these words were being spoken, a man was walking his four young daughters into the bowling alley. The children's innocence lost, the man stated, "No you will not." 3. While impressing the local crowd at Nig's Bar (Wisconsin Dells) with the sweater taken from his grandmother's closet, the Champ took to the dance floor where he proceeded to put both hands behind his head while grinding on every woman over the age of 42. While Cam Newton dabs, the Champ prefers to do "The Swayze." Not everyone drinks Scotch at 7:30 a.m., but those that do become legends.