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  1. Tracy Johnson Atlanta RB
  2. Chuck Cecil Johny Holland and Matt Brock
  3. TE Ferrell Edmonds
  4. Rams oline, Kevin Green, Vince newsome
  5. Lowest available when my time comes.
  6. Johny Mx VS RICO I called rams cincy. He took Bengals. we both scored on opening drive. I took the lead. And had a chance to put the game away in the fourth quarter but he stopped me on the goal line. And was able to drive down and kick a field goal as time expired. In overtime he received the ball first I got lucky on a couple of called plays and I was able to throw a pass with a good Jim Everett for the win.
  7. discord... Rico33 best time to play.. after five , but before ten beers. Can commit to play games.. yes vacation... no
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