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  1. TecmoSouth

    RB2 Centric Playbook

    I've never tried that R3. I'll def do some testing with it. I'm not sold on your R2 at face value, but you're way more qualified than I. I just think someone could squat on the best DL or LB for all three plays (R2, R3, P4). Thanks for your analysis, I saw your matchup with Daboy on Youtube. Pretty epic game, and epic win.
  2. TecmoSouth

    RB2 Centric Playbook

    I was interested in knowing if anyone has tried to play with a RB2 centric playbook man vs man. I obviously switched Thomas to the two spot to give him the heavy load. Thomas is excluded from Pass 1 and Pass 3. Run 3 is a great iso-play that leaves a ton of space, but it's susceptible to be broken up on the hand off. However, Pass 4 is a great little play, it can keep the D honest on the Run 3. What do you think? Yay or nay for competitive play?
  3. TecmoSouth

    Atlanta Tecmo

    I would def. be down for the Swamp Bowl. I didn't realize how many tourneys are happening over the country.
  4. TecmoSouth

    Atlanta Tecmo

    Thank you! I'll put something together soon. It might just be a club thing at first, setting up a couple systems in my buddys taco shop. It's the best option at the moment to gauge interest in a tourney seeing as though there are not many players in the area. I'm also big on RBI Baseball, but there are no tourneys, and dee-nee is pretty quiet.
  5. TecmoSouth

    Tecmo Madison to end its run this year

    New guy here. Bummed out I never made it to a Madison Tourney. I think having a bunch of tournaments creates a circuit. There isn't any options in the south, and I want to change that. If there was a Tournament of Champions where the winners of the individual live tourneys, including some of the online tourneys, would create interest in the smaller tournaments.
  6. TecmoSouth


  7. TecmoSouth

    Atlanta Tecmo

    Anybody in and around the Atlanta interested in a meet up? I think I might have a spot to meet up weekly/monthly/whenever, it's a restaurant in East Atlanta.