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  1. Next Monday I'll be bringing out a couple of systems, let's get some games in during MNF!
  2. Calling Monona, Madison and the surrounding area players, would you have any interest in playing weekly against other human players? Winning some games, learning some tricks, and sharing some tips in a quest to better your game? It'd be great if we can start to revive the local scene and make this area relevant again. I'm thinking open Tecmo or a league at a local watering hole. Sound good?
  3. Would love to make the trip as I had a good time the last time I made the journey to Iowa for Tomczak Bowl, but I've got season tickets for the Badgers who are hosting Iowa that day. Good luck playas!
  4. We held our very first event on Saturday and things couldn't have gone any better. When you actually decide to throw one of this tourneys, the first question is will anyone show up? Optimistically hoping for 16 players, we had 10 who had RSVP'd in one fashion or another, and ended up with 12 come kick off. Thus, the turnout was great and it included some very good experienced players like Mort, Madtown Spliffstars, Tundra Yeti, Hank the Tank, and Troy Evers. We also had a couple of players who hadn't played the game in years. The team balance was randomly determined, but ended up with three solid teams. Tundra Yeti and Troy Evers, Madtown Spliffstars and Hank the Tank, and Mort and Derek Snyder. A tip of the cap to all these players who were very open, sharing their knowledge of the game with their partners. Mort truly was in his Tecmo College element tutoring Derek with things that work and why things you thing work won't. The tournament setup, logistics, and flow all went without a hiccup, which is a big fear going into your first event. Hank and Troy ended getting there early, and came with extra equipment graciously supplied by GBLAN. The owners of Village Lanes also owned Badger Bowl, so they asked if we knew of the film from those tournaments and it was fun telling them one of the stars of that, Mort, would be playing today. I'm pretty sure the bowling alley made a few bucks on food and drinks. And speaking of drinks, Hank did manage to behave himself! Everyone helped setup and breakdown much to my delight. As we were setting up and talking about who is currently in Troy GBLAN'S online tournament, it was revealed Madtown was undefeated in the opening rounds, 6-0. This hot streak continued as he along with partner Hank, went undefeated through the tournament. Once partners were drawn, each team sat down for a game so the players could talk strategy. Things officially started with a round robin round. Bracket play followed with teams seeded according to their round robin results. During bracket play Tundra Yeti and Troy drew a tough second round matchup against Madtown and Hank, which they lost, 28-21. After dismissing the PunkyQB and Travis in the opening round, The Tiffler and Jay, fell a FG short of beating Mort and Snyds, 24-21. Tiffler and Jay fell a FG short again in the loser's bracket to Troy and Tundra who moved on to the loser's final. This too was a close game but this time Mort & Snyds held the three point advantage, 17-14. The final was not quite as close for Madtown's dominance was delivered, 24-21. The best part of the day though we're easily the vibes. Every player told me thank you for putting the event on and to a man, they all said they had a great time. Nonetheless, this great time wasn't a lucky fluke it was a team effort. First and foremost, thank you to our sponsors Village Lanes Monona and Video Game X-Change Madison. Thank to all the players, for you made this event - without your friendly demeanors and you're shared knowledge of the game, it wouldn't be possible. Special thanks to Mort, whose name alone gave us credibility, but Mort did more than that, he taught Snyds a lot, definitely a lot more than a player picks up at a tourney, and he streamed us live on the Retro Sports Gamer YouTube channel. Thanks to Troy GBLAN'S who offered his equipment and any support I needed from a far. Thank you to anyone who shared the event or mentioned it on Discord. And finally, thank you from the bottom of my heart to all those friends who showed some support whether it was to come out and play or just drop in at Village to say hi that day. We had a great day and for that we are so grateful, PunkyQB may suck at Tecmo, but his heart is filled with love! Thank you Village Lanes - Mary, Video Game X-change, Alyssa, Leo, Scott, Nicole, Russ, Will, Rianna, the Tiff spawn, Sarah, Tricia and Mike. Thank you Troy & Tundra Yeti, Tim & Scott V, the Tiffler & Jay, Travis, Hank & Madtown, Mort & Snyds, Troy and Retro Sports Gamer Tom. Long live Tecmo, PunkyQB You can watch all the action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VwxDqUuqIQ
  5. Congrats to our Champs Madtown Spliffstars and Hank the Tank!
  6. We are just one look at the Moon before getting underway. Here's a brief update. Doors at Village Lanes will open at 10:30, PunkyQB will be there setting up. Plan on being ready to rumble by 11:30. Tournaments never start on time, but the sooner we get going, the sooner we get to raise the arms of the champs. Looks like we are currently at 10 players (so 5 teams). If that holds true, we'll be able to do a full round robin and then seed for double elimination bracket play. I should be good with equipment, but if you have room in the car, please bring it just in case. I'll have tier lists and rules at each of the four stations. These tiers are just suggestions for the new guys, you can call any matchup you like. You vets will notice some local flavors I'm throwing together. One of the tiers is from Tomczak Bowl - Tecmo Super Bowl Tourney, one is from the The Retro Sports Gamer, and the rules are from Tundra Bowl - Tecmo Super Bowl National Championship. It's both a nod to the great work these other area groups do and a peek at how things are elsewhere in case someone gets Tecmo fever. I highly recommend all the work Tom, Nathan, and Beef Juice do, go to one of their events if you get the chance! If you haven't filed out the registration form, please bang the link and get it done, son: http://tinyurl.com/MTTagTeamSignUp See ya tomorrow playas! https://www.facebook.com/events/276648583269771/
  7. How did this go? Were there many players? Who took home the title? Looking forward to the Vegas tourney.
  8. Hey now, we've got a flyer! Also, up to 6 committed players, so 3 teams. I'd love to get this number to 16/8, so join us if you can, man!
  9. Hopefully, you don't have to work, Hank!
  10. Just looking to keep the local embers glowing. Let me know if you have any questions... Monona Tecmo is looking to kick things off Saturday, May 4th at 11:30 am at Village Lanes in Monona, WI. We are all greatly missing Tecmo Madison, so let's huddle up and play some games! Our first event, Tag Team Tecmo, will be a very casual gathering. We hope to attract noobs, seasoned vets, and maybe even bring a an old legend or two out of retirement. Tag Team Tecmo will pair players together on game day. No partner required! We want to team new players with vets, so the new players have a chance to learn something AND literally everyone has a chance at winning. Once teams have been assigned, sit down for a practice game with your partner before we start competitive play. In the event that an odd number of players are signed up, PunkyQB will leap over the top rope and get in the ring. Before diving in much deeper, we are stressing the casual nature of this event. We literally have no idea how much interest this may generate, so don't be surprised if the details change a little bit on game day. FORMAT ------------ Tag Team Tecmo. Players will be assigned two man teams. Each player must play half of the game. You can do this one of two ways: 1) One player plays offense and the other plays defense. 2) Play by quarters. Each player must play two quarters. Teams can split that however they like. If a game goes into Overtime, and the team selected quarters, either player can play the first Overtime, but the other player must play the second. This would continue to alternate until the game is won. We'll jerk the curtain with an opening round of group play. The size of groups and number of group play games will depend on turnout. At the conclusion of group play, teams will be seeded for bracket play. If the number of entrants is small enough, bracket play will be double elimination. If we have too many players for double elimination, PunkyQB, will announce this prior to group play beginning. Bracket play will continue until one team takes the strap. RULES ---------- We will use the standard tournament rules that are used for the National Championships at Tundra Bowl. http://www.tundrabowl.com/official-rules.html The team that is player 1, will have to declare their roles first - quarters or offense/defense. Player 2 will declare their roles thereafter. COST ------- Ten dollars per player. This ten dollars can be paid in cash on the day of the event, or the money can be sent via PayPal using the Friends and Family option to [email protected] Please include a note with your name/tag. PAYOUT ------------ One hundred percent of the entry fee will be paid out. Payout amount(s) will be based on turnout. If there is enough turnout we will payout beyond the champion. SIGNUP ----------- Go ahead and click attending if you're game, but please complete this signup form: http://tinyurl.com/MTTagTeamSignUp
  11. Perfect excuse for another Vegas trip. Bought my ticket this week. Who else is in?
  12. PunkyQB Probably, need to test to confirm
  13. Looks like I’ll make the trip to Tomczak, if any other Madison folks wanna go, let me know!
  14. First and foremost, thanks to Chet, Josh and Dave for all the Great Madison Tecmo tournaments. You truly spoiled the Madtown faithful. From the Hasselbeck announcement, it’s hard to tell what the long term future of Tecmo tournaments here truly is, but it seems fairly certain that there won’t be a tournament here this year. Nonetheless, I’d like to see something continue to happen in my city. Thus, I’d be willing to help make that happen. If other folks feel the same, let’s follow the lead of Milwaukee and throw a smaller tourney here in the meantime.
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