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  1. PunkyQB

    Status of Tecmo Madison?

    Looks like I’ll make the trip to Tomczak, if any other Madison folks wanna go, let me know!
  2. PunkyQB

    Status of Tecmo Madison?

    First and foremost, thanks to Chet, Josh and Dave for all the Great Madison Tecmo tournaments. You truly spoiled the Madtown faithful. From the Hasselbeck announcement, it’s hard to tell what the long term future of Tecmo tournaments here truly is, but it seems fairly certain that there won’t be a tournament here this year. Nonetheless, I’d like to see something continue to happen in my city. Thus, I’d be willing to help make that happen. If other folks feel the same, let’s follow the lead of Milwaukee and throw a smaller tourney here in the meantime.
  3. We are getting oh so close! With that in mind, can we start a thread for the beer swap? I'd like to make sure I have enough brews to trade with everybody.
  4. PunkyQB

    Tecmo Madison XIII: Where are you staying?

    I'm local, so no hotel for me. I updated my info on the sheet Dave provided here. I'll probaby be off Friday afternoon and will have the area's choicest IPAs, so let's swap some brew and play some games!
  5. Or a beer swap? Last year I was dealing some gems including Zombie Dust.
  6. PunkyQB

    Tecmo Tourney Cheat Sheet

    Yeah, I'd love to see these links.
  7. Sounds good, I'll bring my suds to Badger.
  8. PunkyQB

    Tecmo Madison XII: The beer swap thread

    That makes sense. It allows folks to come and go at their leisure.
  9. I can be there at 5:30 too - just let me know what room.
  10. Is there a time or room yet for the beer swap?
  11. PunkyQB

    Tecmo Madison XII: The beer swap thread

    Any idea of a time and room for this yet? Luckily, I was able to snare a bottle of Zombie Dust, which is a very hard to get and legendary IPA from 3 Floyd's...if there's a beer worth a 2 for 1 trade, this is it and it'd be nice to get it to somebody who's never had it.
  12. PunkyQB

    Tecmo Madison XII: The beer swap thread

    Fantasy Factory won the hotly contested beer bracket last year - most definitely good stuff. If you make it out to Karben4, you might be able to score a shirt featuring the sweet logo. Ale Asylum's newish Winter IPA is Velveteen Habit and it's garnered a lot of fans. I fear it might have permanently replaced my favorite Ballistic on their brewing schedule.
  13. PunkyQB

    Tecmo Madison XII: The beer swap thread

    Popping my cherry here with this post and tourney. I'd be down to do some trading for some hoppy brews. Wisco and Madison in particular have a bunch of gems in this category and I'd love to trade for some others especially Chitown breweries like Solemn Oath, Pipeworks, and 3 Floyds. Zombie Dust anyone?