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  1. Here it is all done! 1966 Sega TSB.7z
  2. I plan on making every year 1966 on for the segas version of TSB1.. I'm using what I beleave is the '14 to '15 rom as a base I forget who made it smh sorry... and I'm using Carthers 1966 nes rom to get player stats n all that good stuff... heres a small taste, I plan on knocking 1966 out this weekend as of tonight I got BUF and ATL done lol idk 1966 Sega TSB.7z
  3. I found that, I was looking for the actual roster of 1970 threw '77
  4. Season one rom! its just the original lol anyone who wants in just send me a pm.. Tecmo Super Bowl (USA) (September 1993) (1).zip
  5. not really a league. just looking for guys to compare stats with, just for fun.. send me a rom to use I'm gonna start out using the regular 1993 rom.. just play the whole season and send me your save state.. ill put them all in a worksheet thingy lol along with your name and all that good stuff.. and eventually post that! if anyone has any ideas thatd be cool I'm just looking to play some tecmo on sega really lol catn find where to get actual online games going... thought it be cool if maybe we whipped up some kinda salary based draft maybe too!? Thanks for reading Later
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