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  1. I get a stop on downs early in the game and take a 7-0 lead. Simms goes in Bad for Cubsfan . Fumble by Cubsfan leads to a 2nd TD drive for Simplesimon. Cubsfan gets a JJ as time is expiring before halftime to cut it a 7pt lead. I kick a FG and go up 17-7. Cubsfan responds with a FG with a few minutes left and then forces a punt which gives him about 20 seconds to attempt to tie the game. On last play which was called, Simms fumbles at the goalline and Simplesimon picks it up for a garbage TD to make the final score 24-10. GG Cubsfan and GLRW.
  2. Group H (8) 8-Bit vs Simplesimon 8-Bits wins coin toss and calls Rams Vikings matchup, I choose the Vikes. I KO and the Rams drive down to midfield before a JJ catch at the goal line by Ellard sets up a 1yd TD plunge by Cleveland Gary. 7-0 Rams. Vikes get ensuing KO and can't do anything with it and punt it away pinning the Rams inside their 20yd line. Cleveland Gary fumbles early in the drive and it appears to be ripe for the Vikes to pick up but the Rams recover dodging a bullet. The Rams would have to subsequently punt to close out the 1st qtr. A "good" Herschel starts to hum and churn out some long gains on the ground capped by a 20yd scamper for a TD to tie the score 7-7. Too much clock left for the Rams to mount their own TD drive culminated by a 70yd JJ to Ellard at the 5yd line and outtaps to score the TD. 14-7 Rams as the half ends shortly there after. Vikes receive the 2nd half KO and again lean on Hershel for the heavy lifting to garner a TD for the Vikes and tie the score 14-14. Rams try to answer by driving near midfield before Browner get his 1st INT in the game around the 50yd line late in the 3rd qtr. Everett and Flipper are in "bad" condition btw. The Vikes start the 4th qtr with the ball and drive to the 23yd line of the Rams before settling for a FG attempt that Fuad Reviez misses. Still tied 14-14. Rams try to back and B and Everett throws his 2nd INT to Browner just inside the EZ. Vikes try to take the lead by driving into Rams territory before throwing a JJ INT to Humphries of the Rams inside the 20yd line. With a little over a minute left the Rams mount a drive and then go for the game ending JJ attempt for a TD but it is overthrown and picked off by Browner for the 3rd time in the end zone with only 1 tick left on the clock. Vikes have one play to try to break the tie in regulation and call on RedGun Z but manned player Kevin Greene rushes the QB which forces a premature throw to Steve Jordan at the top of the screen. Jordan catches it at about the Rams 45yd line and is able to out run the rest of the Rams D to score the winning TD with zeros on the clock. Vikes win a thriller 21-14. GG 8-Bit, awesome competitor. MVP's are Herschel Walker with just over 250yd rushing and Joey Browner with 3 INT's for the game. I advance to the bracket with the victory. thunderdome_simon.nsv
  3. Simplesimon vs. RetroNathan I win coin toss, call Bengals Chiefs matchup, Nate chooses the Chiefs. There is video, I swear. I won the opening KO and matriculate the ball down the field. Nate does the same on his opening drive. I drive down and score another TD via pass to back of the endzone from the 20yd line (got lucky). I accidently onside the kickoff and Nate scores a TD after a short drive making it 14 -14 at the half. Halftime festivities ensue. Nate receives 2nd half KO and fumbles but manages to recover it. We trade 3 and out drives (2 for Nate 1 for me) in the 3rd quarter. I have ball at the start of the 4th quarter and throw a pick into coverage by Porter around midfield. Nate procedes to score on a 1yd TD scamper by Okoye chewing some clock in the process to go up 21-14. I get the ball back with 1:30 on the clock. BTW Icky Woods was in Excellent the whole 2nd half, Brooks in Good too. I got CC by Woods to get to Nate's 20yd line with about 45 seconds left. Then I (Esaison) complete a pass to Woods over the middle to the 5yd line with 20 secs left. Red Gun Z slant is ran and I mistap once too many and the ball sails OOB instead of to Woods over the middle, but there's one tick left on the clock. Whew! Last play of the 4th quarter, and I complete a pass to Brooks in the short flat past a jumping DT to the delight of the Cincinnati crowd (and me too) 21-21 OVERTIME! I win the coin toss thankfully and drive slowly down the field, getting a huge 30yd scamper by Brooks to get to midfield. On a 3rd and 16, I barely convert a 1st down with (Run 3) Run and Shoot Sweep to the bottom with Brooks. I whittle down the field to the 12 yd line and then three straight negative plays force me to attempt a FG from the 28yd line with DT looming. I narrowly convert the kick(past a rushing DT) on a (single) doink and thru the uprights to win game 24-21. Great game and sportsmanship from Nate. Great game for me and a mild heart attack later, I manage to post this recap.
  4. I'm in. Discord Handle: Simplesimon Can you Host?: Yes Your time zone: Central Best time for you to play: Weeknights usually, (besides Thursdays) 7pm - 11pm. Some afternoons and occasionally weekends.
  5. Is there a list of the tourneys that those stats are compiled from? I think its a pretty cool way to see how one stacks up against the competition. Nice work TRSG!
  6. Segathon, maybe thinking of Decorah but I don't know if they even have a Taco John's. It's between the Twin Cities and Dubuque. lol
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