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  1. Can someone please help me find the link or actual Super Tecmo bible that someone was kind enough to pour hours of time into putting together? At some point I came across a thread on here that sent me to something that broke down every play, every player on every play, etc. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! Ian
  2. This post describes my life from the time the game came into it. It's my first time in any tourney as well (besides the ones held at my house in high school). Kicking myself in the ass for not somehow realizing that this community existed until now. I can't even put into words how awesome it's going to be, sitting in a bowling alley, playing Tecmo against the country's best, amongst people that truly value, understand and appreciate this game's historical significance. Just fantastic! Well put, Matt
  3. I downloaded Openmenu at the recommendation of a friend who's used it before. I have a USB Remote but can't get it to work even when changing the remote settings within the ROM. Has anyone used this before or have any suggestions on how to get it working properly? Thanks again. Ian
  4. I downloaded openmenu and got the ROM installed just fine. The game runs just fine. But I bought a USB Remote and when I change the settings in the options menu to USB Remote, it doesn't work. Any suggestions for this newb?
  5. You're the first to send it......greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  6. Totally off topic, but does can someone point me to where I need to go to get my computer set up to be able to play online (with a Mac)? I used to have Nestopia but my old computer crapped out. And along with whatever I need to download to get it set up, where can I go to get into online leagues or just regular online play? Thanks for the help. Can't wait to see this spectacle in person.
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