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  1. Is there a convergence for snes tecmo super bowl 1?
  2. It shoulld be inclided in the game :), is it possible to include a difficultie level in the options?,
  3. HOW DO I DO THAT, I WANT A HARDER GAME :), thank you
  4. Is it possible to adjust the phisical condition?, when a cpu player has good or excelent phisical condition he plays very smart football, even better, is it possible to hack that to create difficultie levels, and still have cpu players with bad phisical condition to play decent football.?. I dont know a thing about hacking so its just an idea
  5. Hi, im new, i dont know anything about hacking or programming. But i noticed phisical condition determines how smart the cpu plays, is it possible to make a hack to set the cpu at better phisical conditions to play better?
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