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  1. :03 left on the clock, burned thru all 3 time-outs, I'm on the 1 yard line, and down by 5 points. FG does nothing for me. It's TD or nothing. No second chances with 3 ticks on the clock. Do I run? Do I QB sneak? Do I dive? Do I dare call a pass play in such a small red zone? Will the defense call my play and full on blitz? Only 1 yard seperates victory from defeat. This was All-Time Green Bay vs. 1989 SF 49ers. vs. I could just imagine the linesmen breathing and getting set. The crowd went silent for one last play...Hut, Hut, Hut... Tecmo Bowl Pressure.
  2. Does anyone know how to make the kick/punt returner run faster in tecmo bowl kickoff? I have tried all the right tackle or SS position ideas, but nothing seems to work. They are consistently the same speed no matter what i adjust on ms, rs, or rp. Please help. You guys are my only hope.
  3. I had a cool idea that i thought i would throw out there as i have not seen a rom with this. A NES Tecmo Super Bowl rom with allstar players from every year for 32 years. Ex: Tecmo allstars '91 vs. Tecmo allstars '15 Ex: Tecmo allstars '89 vs. Tecmo allstars '99 The last 32 years would be 1984-2015. Basically the best of the best players from every year on one team for each year vs. Another best of the best players team. I think this would create great challenges in tecmo bowl games. Just a thought as i dont currently have the skills or knowledge to make this rom a reality. What year was the most dominate??? I would love to play that tecmo bowl.
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