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  1. Detroit selects Cincy LB 2/3
  2. Phx selects First pick: Raiders LB 1/4
  3. Det selects WR1 Ricky Proehl
  4. Det selects RB1 John L Williams
  5. Det Selects WR2 Jessie Hester
  6. Det selects DB1 / DB4 Washington/Harden
  7. Det Selects Den LB1/LB4 Mecklenburg/Fletcher
  8. Per draft list CIN takes HOU OL/DL
  9. Pick 2 Det selects Buf DL/ ATL K/P Pick 3 Det selects NYG QB/ SD WR/TE
  10. Det selects Indy DL / Den K/P
  11. Det Selects GB QBs Det Wrs
  12. Det selects Was DBs and GB LBs
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