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  1. I'm thinking there is a 95% chance that I will be at this. I had a great time last year, loved the format, and it is a great location. I thought it was pretty cool that I was able to get 10 games in, and I was surprised that I was able to win 5 of them.
  2. kberger

    Best GIFs

    I hope Tundra Bowl won't turn into an intense brawl like this:
  3. I just registered. I expect I'll be able to match my 2-2 and 5-5 results from Tecmo Madison and Milwaukee.
  4. kberger

    Star Wars: Rogue One TRAILER!!

    I really liked it. I also liked ep 7. I watched Star Wars and Empire back in the day too many times to count. I don't care for Return of the Jedi. After seeing 1-3, I thought the franchise was fubar. I say Star Wars movies have four wins and four losses. I am glad to see Disney has a two movie winning streak.
  5. kberger

    [Tourney Discussion] Glossary of Terms

    JJ abuser has no ring to it at all. The correct term is jj slut. Actually, I just prefer slut. Me: You name the teams. Other person: CLE vs GB Me: You slut!
  6. kberger

    Milwaukee, WI - 11/05/2016 - Dead Man Walking

    I am guessing this starts at 11 AM tomorrow? I don't see a time for the start of festivities anywhere.
  7. kberger

    Best GIFs

    I told her I plan on winning the Milwaukee tournament next weekend.
  8. kberger

    Milwaukee, WI - 11/05/2016 - Dead Man Walking

    I have decided I would like to participate in this event. I sent an email. I'm hoping there is a spot available.
  9. kberger

    Best GIFs

    After watching the Kia ad, I'm feeling the love Koreans have for us Tecmo Bowlers.
  10. kberger

    Bo plays as Bo in commercials -- Bud Light & Kia

    Just saw the Bo and Bosworth commercial during the Packer game. LOVED it. That commercial connects very well with a small audience. But the other 98% of the country has no idea what the heck they are looking at.
  11. Bummer that Badger Bowl is going away. Maybe rent out Turner Hall? 3001 S Stoughton Rd
  12. kberger

    online games

    I have decided that this game is better than Tecmo Super Bowl. I would like to get an online game in once in a while. The only time I'm ever on is on the weekends, if you see me on discord feel free to hit me up for a game.
  13. kberger

    Favorite City/Town Names

    Regina, rhymes with v_____ I'm also fond of towns that someone might not say correctly the first time: Mahtomedi Mukwonago Ochlocknee Schenectady