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  1. Thanks for all the TSB3 roms Fernando 49!
  2. Thanks for updating this ROM, you are an unsung hero of TSB III!
  3. You rock, thanks! I'll try this one out in the coming weeks.
  4. The Buffalo brand Snes controllers. They work ok, yea not as easy as the XBOX 360 controllers which I also have. I mainly use mine for Snes and Mame games. I'm still trying to figure out the best method for Heavy Barrel, which used one of those weird rotary joysticks in the arcade.
  5. Here she is, complete with handy carrying case for controllers and power supply. I added heatsinks, otherwise its a basic Raspberry Pie 2. The Super EverDrive works great as well; the interface is a little crude but don't let that fool you as it emulates like a champ. Looking forward to the next release...I couldn't tell if the Pro Bowl teams had been updated, as some of the guys are stars and some not. Anyway, thanks for your hard work!
  6. I can confirm this works great on both RetroPie and the SuperEverdrive v2.
  7. The dive tackling is fine now. I just noticed the after-the-play photos are the same, after seeing Emmitt Smith as Darren McFadden...Still awesome though
  8. Just out of curiosity, how is the Genesis version better?
  9. In this version, can you only dive-tackle when near the player with the ball? If so, roughly what is the furthest distance out from him that you can dive-tackle?
  10. I've been playing a bit on-and-off with this fantastic ROM, and I noticed that Tony Romo is the default KR for Dallas You even made some custom faces for after the play, nice!
  11. Which emulator works best for this release? Nestopia? I'm planning to try it in RetroPie on a Raspberry Pie 2. -Thanks!
  12. My favorite DB is Leroy Butler, and up front I'd have to go with Reggie White. As for offense...I like Randall because he can pass or run, for versatile RB I'll go with Faulk, and for power running I'll take Reggie Cobb because he is basically unstoppable and seems to fumble less than Ironhead. My favorite semi-sleeper is Green on Miami...I'll stick him at RB every time. Natrone Means is fun, but he ALWAYS gets injured.
  13. You are THE man, thanks for all the hard work! I'm much more into TSB III than the other editions, so this ROM is just what I need! With this or another ROM, hopefully down the road more playbook options can be included, and features such as changing defenders on a kickoff, replacing offensive lineman, etc...can be added as well.
  14. This looks and sounds awesome, and as someone who would play the hell out of your Tecmo version, thanks! Good luck with development!
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