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  1. Ive yet to play one. Only Tecmo I remember that had one was the og version III
  2. Ive seen on a few roms EXHIBITION instead of PRESEASON and wondering if someone can point me to the right direction for this. Thanks
  3. I redid it and it works. Thanks
  4. Tired this and it didn't work. Any suggestions. I'm doing TSB
  5. Greatly appreciate you both for your help
  6. You air are brilliant, thanks for figuring this out!
  7. Thats fine is there a code for that?
  8. Hello all. The version I'm modifying has graphics for halftime and i want to completely remove them. Can someone point me in the direction to find them
  9. Hello all! I did some experimenting and figured out the code to replace the nfl shield. I wanted to share in case someone is looking to do the same. Above are the square numbers The bottom are the YY-CHR codes for it. Hope this helps
  10. Hello All! Making a special verison. I want to change TECMO SUPER BOWL Does anyone know where this starts in Translhextion?
  11. To change player 1 to the 20: at 0x247B9 type in A0 10 at 0x247BB type in A2 07 To change player 2 to the 20: at 0x24031 type in A0 F0 at 0x24033 type in A2 08
  12. Howdy All. I'm making my own version (28 teams) and would love to just have plain helmets for team select. These are the programs I'm using if it helps: - tsbmanager for my teams, rosters and jerseys. - endzone editor for end zones If someone can point me in the right direction I'd greatly appreciate it.
  13. Hello all. Love this site and first time posting here. Question for everyone. I recently got a new phone and redownloaded a gba emulator. Now I used to love, and still do High Heat for GBA. I had the 2002 version as a kid and redownloaded that version. Does anyone know or have an updated version. I know 10 of the stadiums would not be accurate but still love the game play and graphics. Thanks!
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