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  1. @gvedak Francoeur?

  2. @drewmagary @toomuchnick looking around a loud bar https://t.co/SluuYjPjG8

  3. RT @DannyDutch: Bill's fashion = Steven Seagal in the 80s. Hilary's fashion = Steven Seagal now. https://t.co/NhmBK2i3bl

  4. @dismarvtenwars @drubov What's your fav party bus from the F&F franchise?

  5. "passes to the man....and boom goes the dynamite" https://t.co/80GZT5z8uz

  6. @LOL101gangster @UniversalORL No, but the #screenz are furious

  7. @21royalstreet @phantazmick25 seems angry

  8. RT @_ElvishPresley_: tips for spotting a narc: - refers to cocaine as "the cocaine" - introduces self as "Narc--I mean Mark" - removes mus…

  9. @SpankYouSilly @nerdist Easy - IV: The Final Chapter: Crispin Glover being, well, Crispin Glover, Corey Feldman, To… https://t.co/pQR86d7seb

  10. @HoCoHowie @BofM_Jeremy when i'm eating a cheesey flatbread, i'm always like, you know what would go great with thi… https://t.co/TGEoYYcooZ

  11. @engadget Unless they upgraded their servers/infrastructure, their streaming service will continue to suck.

  12. RT @BarkyBoogz: I’ve watched this loop no less than 27 times and I am not ashamed https://t.co/vlPFXRla0u

  13. @waitrewindthat Spring is a sham!

  14. @Ninja_RAT (IMO) Nah, clunky, poorly written, and too on the nose, but, if I was 12, I'd love it!

  15. RT @Simon_Pegg: 🎵I would walk 500 miles🎵 (actual mileage may vary) 🎵And I would walk 500 more🎵 (subject to status) 🎵Just to be the man wh…