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  1. RT @MLB: Three Tommy John surgeries. 2,028 days between his last @MLB game. Jonny Venters. Comeback complete. https://t.co/0OZkmCFheQ

  2. @michaelbruntz Sadly one of the better outings of the night

  3. RT @Gemon_J_Wilson: BIG RED 🔴 #GBR🌽 IM HERE 📍

  4. RT @MinikwuMike: @king4__ Picks up @HuskerFBNation offer!! https://t.co/JkEnKOJF8y

  5. RT @WCT1Official: ATTENTION WHAP! Blur Parties (@blurparties) here in Lincoln are at it again giving away 2 more free College World Series…

  6. RT @ii_jermaine: Nebraska showin love.. Where you at HuskerNation #GBR 🔴⚪️ https://t.co/GiU2VnF6wG

  7. RT @Gemon_J_Wilson: I’ll be at Nebraska spring game on 21st #GBR🌽 #bigred🔴

  8. RT @UnCommonSense00: Grew up in Lincoln, attended Pius, cousin of the Makovickas. Apparently not good enough to play for Darin Erstad. 🙄 ht…

  9. RT @Cubs: Here is your #OpeningDay #Cubs lineup! Game preview: https://t.co/7v3r0mdhyw #EverybodyIn https://t.co/NdKfyKUuru

  10. RT @UnCommonSense00: The most Tim Miles thing ever. Spend all week bitching about your seed and then prove the Committee right when your sq…

  11. RT @eightlaces: ICYMTG (In Case You Missed The Goodness): The installation of Scott Frost's new offense as a whole will be a treat, but mak…

  12. RT @HuskerHoops: Bringing the ⚡️ to MSG. #Nebrasketball https://t.co/JskM79NTJ8

  13. RT @MinikwuMike: Thank you @CoachRHeld @HuskerFBNation for having us!! Always good talking ball with great people! https://t.co/5oosAvGMGO

  14. RT @MLBNetwork: It's the @Cubs turn on #30Clubs30Days! RETWEET for a chance at this 2018 @NewEraCap #SpringTraining cap or pick one up at…

  15. RT @MLBNetwork: #SpringTraining games are underway! RETWEET for a chance at this @sluggernation bat and catch nearly 200 games this Spring…

  16. RT @opfreak15: @BarrySwavey @Breondixon_4 Should i make that move?🤔🤔 #GBR https://t.co/PxFVjpwZxA

  17. RT @JeopardySports: “What is: the University of Notre Dame?” #JeopardySports #NotreDame https://t.co/xk6oLxTUeM

  18. RT @HuskerFBNation: Best fans in the country? Husker fans leave no doubt. 💪🌽🔴 https://t.co/PZsniRZPAp

  19. @eightlaces Nixon signed with Iowa (again) right? https://t.co/2xhKpuXySQ https://t.co/PVnhGCr1RB

  20. RT @BruceFeldmanCFB: Texan Maurice Washington, ESPN’s No. 5 RB, picks #Nebraska over #ASU. Lots of momentum for Scott Frost and the Huskers…

  21. @swmckewonOWH Abdullah and number 1, where's the correlation?

  22. RT @KenKensmiley5: Nebraska OV This Weekend #GBR🌽 https://t.co/6xvPf6ubDw

  23. RT @RobinWashut: James Palmer’s numbers tonight: 38 minutes 28 points (20 in 2nd half) 11-12 on FTs Team-high 8 rebounds 2 steals 1 block…

  24. RT @BarstoolHusker: OH MOMMA. Welcome Home, @camgonework15. #GBR https://t.co/u26yleiAZ1

  25. RT @NYTSports: Breaking: The NCAA has decided to investigate Michigan State over Dr. Nassar case: https://t.co/QziPDfwb8c