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  1. RT @iconsportswire: Sports Photos! #NFL #LACvsJAC #Chargers at #Jaguars - by @writingsportz: https://t.co/DrBOJmHCiO

  2. RT @iconsportswire: Sports Photos! #NFL #CINvsJAC #Bengals at #Jaguars - by @writingsportz: https://t.co/mZZ1RDiLJ3

  3. My photos from the game last Sat. 📸🏈 https://t.co/TCw5LQ3NdA

  4. Took the little one to the pumpkin patch this evening. A little harder to get him to sit still… https://t.co/hWOKow9YZS

  5. RT @BeachSportsGuy: My photo of @FHSBeachrats @paytonsho_ vs Englewood selected as one of #MaxPreps photos of the month. #BeachRats 🏈📸 htt…

  6. @DaleJr Baby Don’t Forget My Number was my jam! @DaleJr

  7. Some work stuff today. https://t.co/nAqMAruM6P

  8. It's been a long morning, writing stories and editing pics and ...oh look, a… https://t.co/tmSiTjr4G9

  9. Awesome stuff! Congrats @DaleJr @AmyEarnhardt you guys are in for a fun ride! https://t.co/P5At7GdSau

  10. Behind the scenes work stuff 📸 https://t.co/Ppg2MveDPe

  11. RT @JTGRacing: Let’s start the @MonsterMile weekend right with a giveaway! ❤️ to win a @Xbox @704nascarheat game, and RT 🔁 to win a #PS4 g…

  12. @godwinkelly You must have missed these back in the 90s lol

  13. @JennaFryer Just Winston's back in the day 😊☠️

  14. He didn't make the tackle, but give the kid credit, he held on for quite a while. Friday Night… https://t.co/CANli8xpIB

  15. Work stuff 📸🏐 https://t.co/0HNDDokyYF