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  1. i love NFL primetime good rom nice work
  2. it happens idk why exactly i think the Punt returner is too slow or the punter kicked a strong one its truly a special moment when it happens though
  3. i thought it was based of of 1990 because Steve Grogan is in the game and in 1990 the redskins went 10-6 with is good but Mark Rypien threw 16 td's to 11 int's and only started 10 games they relied on a good o-line and rb and above average defense here are the stats they are pretty cool https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/was/1990.htm
  4. great rom but one thing one of the patriots wide receivers is named malcom mitchell and has the wrong number since both edelman and mitchell are on IR can you put in Phillip dorset number 13
  5. hold up what do you mean by hidden superstars like cheat codes. but a great rom
  6. nice rom my dude but i think the 2016-2017 pats are better that the 04 pats but the 04 squad had a great defense and troy brown but you know what would be a cool rom a rom with all the worst teams the 1990 pats the 08 lions but i digress cool rom
  7. if I'm playing a team with bad run defense ill start young but ill go with joe
  8. i believe the colts are worse sure they got a decent rb but their offense and defense is so bad
  9. whats a "hidden" attribute I'm kinda a noob to the community
  10. great rom I'm excited to see the next release
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