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    Try this: If you use Linux, it works as well. I tested that on various Linux system under WINE and had no problems. If its possible to run ZSNES on raspberry, then it should be possible to play online multiplayer as it is possible on PC. I found this about raspberry and playing online: https://howchoo.com/g/njgwzgnkntc/how-to-use-netplay-on-retropie-for-online-multiplayer https://blog.parsecgaming.com/adding-online-multiplayer-to-the-snes-classic-c4dcf8d46bb0
  2. Fernando, can you post all the offsets for each team home/away uniforms, helmets etc? The Bible's got offsets for each team (beginning-end) but is not easy to figure out offsets for jerseys, socks, helmets etc.
  3. I think it's this: http://tecmobowl.org/discover/unread/ You have to check "Show condensed view" (under RSS icon).
  4. Check "Show condensed view" to show the threads (showing posts now by default).
  5. Hi Tecmoers, I've been a member here for couple of days. I am a big fan of Tecmo Super Bowl games, TSB1 and TSB3 fos SNES are my favourites, followed by the NES version, and football ("American football" as we call it here in Europe) as well. I've made two updates of another member's ROM so far and want to contribute more, especially with TSB1 and TSB3 hacking stuff. You might know me from NHL94.org site and SNES hacking section. This site rocks and I am glad to be here
  6. Rosters and skills/attributes are Fernando's work, I made only graphics changes, they have no impact on gameplay. Maybe some players seem to be faster to you due to changes made by Fernando but I doubt AI is editable. I am considering making more graphical changes to make the ROM more 2015, but such changes are time consuming and not easy so I do not promise anything atm. Edit (3 days later): I was considering moving Seattle to another conference, including big helmet color and logo, small helmet, jersey colors and rosters but it seems to be very difficult task. It's still on my want-to-do list but not this year. I am looking forward to Fernando's update and if he puts Titans or Texans in the ROM (instead of Jacksonville, Cleveland or Kansas City?) I'll try my best to create helmet design and logo as I did with Ravens.
  7. Please, could anyone upload the SNES rom? It's not in the SNES download section.
  8. Slightly updated! I used the Ravens logo from this ROM, it's not my work, I just copied it in Tile Layer Pro. Home/away helmets color edited, they are black in this version. Enjoy!
  9. I am not very good with Tile Layer Pro but I will try my best with your other releases I will check again jerseys/helmets/cutscenes colors, when I was editing your ROM I did not realize there were colors for white guys and colors for black guys, that confused me and did not know what I was doing wrong so I kept the original colors.
  10. Hi TecSpectre! When editing the game I am using SNES TSB3 Bible , I can hardly find something new I guess. Now I am working on some stuff (swapping teams in divisions/conferences, adding Pro Bowl teams as 31st and 32nd teams) and when I find the way how to do it I'll post it here. I am afraid both my aims require more skills than hex editing and without writing new code 32 teams rom/easy teams swapping will never be done.
  11. Should be more or less the same I guess but it depends on the game as some might be hard nuts to crack due to compression or no hacking documentation available (so you have to spend a lot of time figuring out palletes and everyting). From my experience 8bit games are always much easier to edit (I did some ZX Spectrum and C64 hacks in the past) because they do not contain as much data as games released for 16bit consoles or computers and usually no data are compressed (cant talk about NES, I have no experience with them). Basically, the hex editing itself should be the same, but some SNES games can be extremely difficult to hack and modify.
  12. Thanks for a great rom Feel free to use this rom for your future updates.
  13. Do you know the offsets of these numbers for hex editing? Or at least an area where they are approximately located, I would figure them out. Edit: Found it: http://tecmobowl.org/topic/2968-simulation-hex-values-for-tsb-iii-snes/ Edit 2: I dont think the game looks only at a single number, I think it looks at all sim values from the thread above. I did a test, I edited those offensive/defensive values for Dallas (11, originally CC, best in the game) and Indianapolis (CC, originally 23, very low) and let the game play couple of games (home-away, away-home, home-away etc) in the so called fast sim mode and the slow sim mode. Dallas won 10:5 in fast sim mode and 8:2 in slow sim mode. With no editing Dallas won 10:5 in fast sim mode and 7:3 in slow sim mode. The game probably looks at all sim values and as Dallas has pretty high numbers everywhere so it wins most of the time even when those offensive/defensive values are set to 11.
  14. Hi guys, browsing the TSB III forum brought me here and I got couple of suggestions for you. It is not necessarily needed to find a bunch of so many people or to play all the games with all the teams. Here are few tips for having full season orgy with less people involved, maybe you find them helpful For 15 people it's easy, every player controls two teams, one from NFC, one from AFC. The first player can pick from either conference. If he picks first in NFC, he picks last (30th pick) in AFC and so on (1+30, 2+29, 3+28, ... 15+16). There were inter-conference games West-East, Central-Central and East-West in 1995 so NFC East teams owners must choose from AFC East or Central, NFC Central owners must choose from AFC East or West, NFC West teams owners must choose from AFC West or Central to avoid playing a match between your teams in each conference. When five people involved, players pick TWO (explanation below) teams in divisions, Eastern-Western first, then Central-Cenral and Western-Eastern last, the draft order is following: A) who's got the first pick in Eastern-Western divisions picks last in Western-Eastern divisions and third in Central-Central, B ) who's got the second pick in E-W divisions picks fourth in W-E divisions and last in C-C, C) who's got the third pick in E-W divisions picks also third in W-E divisions and first in C-C, D) who's got the fourth pick in E-W divisions picks second in W-E divisions and fourth in C-C, E) who's got the last pick in E-W divisions picks first in W-E divisions and second in C-C. Draw to determine A to E. In 1995 NFC western teams faced AFC western teams, four times, that means each team in the division did not play against one (out of five) from the division in another conference. Buffalo played against Atlanta, Carolina, St. Louis and San Francisco, did not play against New Orleans. Indiana played against New Orleans, Carolina, St. Louis, San Francisco, not against Atlanta. To make sure players will play other playes in these inter-conference matches, they must choose following pairs of teams (those who did not play against each other in 1995): Buffalo-New Orleans Indiana-Atlanta Miami-Carolina New England-St. Louis NY Jets-San Francisco Cincinnati-Detroit Cleveland-Chicago Houston-Green Bay Jacksonville-Minnesota Pittsburgh-Tampa Bay Denver-NY Giants Kansas City-Philadelphia Oakland-Arizona San Diego-Washington Seattle-Dallas With this all 8 divisional games and 4 inter-conference games will be played between two human opponents. But what about those other 4 games? There is no way to avoid at least one game between your own teams during the whole season. You have to simulate these games (which sucks) or let someone else control your team (that sucks even more). But there is a solution to this, it is easy and simple and it will solve not only the season format for five people described above but also problem with number of people (so you can play whole season with any amount of people, not only with five, fifteen or thirty), travelling (you dont need to travel often or to spend many days in a row to complete a season) and time (240 games might be too many for some of us). It's easy. All you need is some hex editor (HxD for instance) and some time, no hex editing knowledge is required. Open TSB III rom in the hex editor and somewhere in the menu find GOTO option, then choose "goto offset" 16F00C (0=zero). This will get you to line with these numbers and letters (values): 82 1E 81 1E 8A 1E 84 1E 8F 1E 0C F0 0C F0 0C F0 0C F0 0C F0 0C F0 07 02 06 01 08 09 1D 1B 19 1A 18 12 1C 15 16 05 04 00 0A 0C 0B 0E 11 13 14 17 03 Bolded 07 is the first value of the schedule in the game. It tells the game to put Cincinnati on the first place of the schedule. 02 is a value used for Indianapolis. 06 is Cleveland, 01 New England. First match of the season in TSB III is Cincinnati-Indianapolis, followed by Cleveland-New England. Each value represents one team. 00=Miami, 01=New England, 02=Indianapolis, 03=Buffalo, 04=NY Jets, 05=Pittsburgh, 06=Cleveland, 07=Cincinnati, 08=Houston, 09=Jacksonville, 0A=San Diego, 0B=Kansas, 0C=Oakland, 0D=Denver, 0E=Seattle, 0F=Dallas, 10=NY Giants, 11=Arizona, 12=Philadelphia, 13=Washington, 14=Minnesota, 15=Green Bay, 16=Detroit, 17=Chicago, 18=Tampa, 19=San Fransisco, 1A=New Orleans, 1B=Atlanta, 1C=St. Louis, 1D=Carolina. FF=empty slot (FF FF=no game). Rewriting 07 02 06 01 (original values) with 00 01 02 03 will make Miami-New England first match of the season followed by Indianapolis-Buffalo. This way you can make your own schedule from the beginning to the end of the season. The great thing is teams do not need to play 16 games, if you want to keep some teams out of the competition without playing a single game, you can, if you want to shorten the season and play only 5 games with each (or less) team, you can, the game has no limits in this and does not care how many games teams will be playing, it's completely up to you. Just keep in mind the winners of the divisions will always make it to the play-offs even if they do not play a single game. There must be at least one match each week or the game will crash. Be careful when using FF FF (no match), put it always at the end of the week or the game will crash. Long blocks of FF (at 16F20A, 16F440, 16F65A, 16F854, 16FA4C and 16FC44) represents end of the season. Schedule editing allows you to modify TSB III for your needs. You can lower number of games, play the games between your friends in the neighbourhood first, then mail the ROM file and save state to another group of players in another part of the country to finish their games and then make a meeting or play rest of the games online during a weekend. Customize the schedule as you desire. Edit: LOL, when reading other thread I figured out its possible to edit schedule with the editor Nevermind, customization of the schedule might make better experience when playing full seasons with other people.
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