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  1. I make my own boards. For past few years I've used an MMC3 card with sockets (Tecmo Basketball donor - I refuse to hack up an original TSB cartridge). But last year was the first year it was released in MMC5 format, and I still have to retool. Had to play on emulator last year.
  2. oh - I think I see what I did wrong - I am using 256k eproms, I think I need one of them to be 512k. Game changed to 512k starting in 2015 (the season I skipped)
  3. has anyone else loaded it on 2 EPROMs and played it on a real NES machine? That's I've been doing that the past few years, but this 2016 freezes to black screen after I hit <start> during the intro animation. the intro animation & music plays just fine, so I think I have everything set up correctly...
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