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  1. RT @DeeepThreat: Record vs Common Opponents (including postseason) Jaguars 6-3 Patriots 8-0

  2. Saints 43 gotta retire right now

  3. RT @drankturpentine: *peels banana to find michael cera resting peacefully*

  4. RT @braag_: hello vegans, if PIGS are so SMART why do 66% of them build houses with INEFFECTIVE, STUPID materials

  5. RT @markydoodoo: you(not smart): cheese me(smart): milk meat

  6. RT @BleacherReport: Interesting comparison... https://t.co/79svwtMCsW

  7. @Hershy69_ Go to Payless and get prime rib and horseradish chips. Tastes like a cookout

  8. There are not one, but TWO non-colts AFC South teams in the divisional round. https://t.co/mmc6E9Yg8i

  9. @DColonis "Let me tell ya, if a game was just constant pick sixes, back and forth for 60 minutes, that would be the… https://t.co/gbZYYvvPQS

  10. @DColonis But also fellas, is it gay to wear chapstick, cause you really be putting a stick on your lips?

  11. RT @Patriots: Bundle up for the winter weather with #PatsHatFriday! RT to enter to win a 2017 Throwback On Field Knit @NewEraCap! Rules: h…

  12. RT @GavBurl: Over a year ago, I threatened you out of anger over the death of a lost one. A death that you were not responsible for. Today…

  13. RT @iamjoonlee: the year is 2199. nuclear warfare has ended the world. from the distance, through clouds of smoke, marvin lewis emerges fro…

  14. RT @PrequelMemesBot: Virgin Rose vs Chad Chad Binks https://t.co/4EQJy00mnt

  15. @DColonis Alright I can't argue with that

  16. RT @MEMESG0D: dont say anything just rt https://t.co/QZU4SLTsy7

  17. @Hershy69_ https://t.co/wjbVZYR0V4

  18. RT @Patriots: Stay warm & RT to enter to win a 2017 Throwback On Field Knit @NewEraCap! #PatsHatFriday rules: https://t.co/G27OoOUZQg htt…

  19. @boring_as_heck Whips scrote*

  20. RT @coldpetrat: i swear to fucking god if i catch a single mouse even thinking about stirring tonight.........

  21. RT @barstoolsports: Long time rivals linking up to whoop everyone’s ass together >>>>>> https://t.co/3nqPlkQLmc

  22. RT @FoxNews: On this day in 1776, General George Washington and his troops crossed the Delaware River for a surprise attack against Hessian…

  23. RT @ZackCoxNESN: The Patriots will officially clinch a first-round bye for the eighth consecutive season, with an assist from Jimmy Garoppo…

  24. RT @bornmiserable: [me, getting a Facebook friend request] see you in court

  25. @Hershy69_ https://t.co/kJHAxVF9Hi