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  1. @jwing09 https://t.co/r09DCRSh0G

  2. RT @GamersOutreach: 📦THE AIRDROP HAS LANDED📦 In support of Gamers Outreach programs, we're giving away a specially designed gaming PC from…

  3. @Cut4 @PujolsFive HR in the 9th against the Blue Jays.

  4. @KindaFunnyVids @bdunkelman @ElyseWillems There is only one Queen and she is the Queen of Puns. @bdunkelman #TeamBarb

  5. @XavierWoodsPhD Don't you play @bdunkelman like that. Pizza is not the Pun-Master. #TeamBarb

  6. https://t.co/vVBvnV26BL

  7. Give @RealMikeBennett a chance Raw! This man deserves it!! #MondayNightMike https://t.co/bkmD6prRKG

  8. Its April 15th. Winter does not want to let go. https://t.co/ZLiE5x8nwD

  9. RT @XavierWoodsPhD: Love and be kind to one another - I've posted this before and I will most likely post it again. Everyone on this earth…

  10. RT @GamersOutreach: Wait... what's that? Looks like an incoming airdrop... Level 3 announcement descending on Monday. 📦✈️ https://t.co/Tp…

  11. RT @MrsLuclin: Growing your community is not going to happen overnight. 1. Stay consistent. 2. Work hard. 3. Act like you have a thousan…

  12. RT @AbdulElSayed: Yes, I’m 33. Yes, I’m Egyptian-American. Yes, I’m Muslim. We past that? Then let’s start talking about solutions to probl…

  13. This is a man with REAL IDEAS and dreams for a better Michigan. #AbdulForMichigan https://t.co/npojepOaXa

  14. @DarkoStateNews IMO, its time to move on. 4 years later and they aren't really in any better position than when he… https://t.co/MjkLRtcqu7

  15. I got a pop up to say that I'm 9.99 past due but I can't get to a page to even cancel it...