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  1. Nice, I added just the Browns and Steelers so far. Probably work on the rest of the league too. This reminds me of the old Front Page Sports Football days, adding all the players in the NFL before they had the license.
  2. Looking for either help with TSB Manager 2000 or just and updated TSB NES ROM with updated rosters as of the current offseason. I'm a huge Browns fan and am dying to play TSB NES with OBJ as a Brown. I tried dabbling with TSB Manager 2000 but can't seem to get it working properly. I have updated a file (just added the Browns 2019 players (see attachment), but can't seem to get it imported into a ROM. Can anyone help? EDIT: I figured it out. I was using the wrong editor. (Complete noob here) First try Tecmo Super Bowl (U).nes.tsb
  3. RT @Tempo_Storm: We've added an Apple iPad to the 1st place prize of our @PUBGMOBILE giveaway! What are you waiting for? Click the link to…

  4. @FLMayhem #BringTheMayhem

  5. RT @TSMViss: It's begun, we're giving away this stacked PC! Thank you to @CYBERPOWERPC for providing this! Giveaway will run for the month…

  6. RT @GamersOutreach: ?THE AIRDROP HAS LANDED? In support of Gamers Outreach programs, we're giving away a specially designed gaming PC from…

  7. @TyrodTaylor Tyrod, Mike, Bryan (VT G.O.A.T.S)

  8. @halokonrad I'm not playing it anymore, anytime I queue it up I'm exiting back to the lobby.

  9. RT @quincy_qb1: So much love from hokienation !! Shoutout to everybody for a great spring game and a great time !!! #hokienation https://t…

  10. RT @OX_VT: “Mr Zuckerberg - Do you realize that UVA Football has lost to the #Hokies every year during FaceBook’s existence?” #14straight h…

  11. Great game tonight with @Dan_Killi, @Mets got the win! 8-1! #LetsGoMets https://t.co/ku6oy3bBrS

  12. @mattbonig @Twitch haha, I accidentally hit that button when I was trying to do a screen recording. Force of habit… https://t.co/GmursQ1oFM

  13. @chadplaysgames https://t.co/fDKsFToeLK

  14. RT @ideacage: Another beautiful @ideacage deployment comes to life at the @Sprinklr Portland offices featuring the powerful and gorgeous @S…

  15. @HajdukPL @jakeow @Rawkus @TODAYshow need a link to the VOD of that

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