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  1. 6 am came way too quick.

  2. RT @CodyRhodes: I'm just sitting here imaging a 1970s Cesaro versus Bruno Sammartino in MSG

  3. Fucking hell Ronda is a star.

  4. RT @IAmJericho: Ummmm ok? https://t.co/lq04NNxiMA

  5. RT @JoeyRyanOnline: You either sign with WWE, or you do indies long enough to see yourself become a carny.

  6. @champagnennuts It was college. Child’s play. Ended up with 8 stitches across my left eyebrow.

  7. RT @WAManeuver: https://t.co/QSqkMOa9VQ

  8. RT @JasonSobelTAN: I don’t always watch Golf Channel. But when I do, it’s for the hockey.

  9. @TracerBullet36 Whoa! G&A but not Finn?

  10. RT @BookItGabe: Congrats to Drew McIntyre!!!! If you followed him in EVOLVE you know how hard he worked to get back to WWE. Raw has just ga…

  11. RT @jadande: It’s a shame that Khris Middleton’s three will get washed away in history because it came in a loss in the first game of the f…

  12. @Galaxy_Diener RotJ is the best of the OG trilogy.

  13. RT @WillGrayGC: SB2K18: The “someone’s getting married” edition. (? via @JustinThomas34) https://t.co/QnRzb385fc

  14. RT @karyewest: That'll show him https://t.co/9MzYp1y6fj

  15. RT @MithGifs: Nakamura beats Styles, Wrestle Kingdom 2016. Styles beats Nakamura, WrestleMania 2018. (When your opponent kneels exhausted…

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