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  1. @stevecavell #LondonMonarchs

  2. @lulucavell ...it probably wasn't worth doing in the first place 😁

  3. @arobertwebb ...how about a nice game of chess? https://t.co/6fsfG2HQpM

  4. She's like some kind of patriotic machine - preprogrammed to produce a new royal on Shakespeare's birthday/St. Geor… https://t.co/qKnlDPr0Ds

  5. Threw my first lost football of the season back over the bottom hedge today. That's my civic duty done for now. https://t.co/0fpW24OuOc

  6. Oh well Nigel, as long as you and yours are alright the rest of us can take a running jump off the white cliffs of… https://t.co/b4FwcAQMGF

  7. Tories suffer customs union Brexit defeat... to the sound of me laughing like a drain! #wettingmyself… https://t.co/fUMI8amPyU

  8. Ah! Closure at last, after all these years... 50 ZX Spectrum Game Endings https://t.co/JHmo6up5k5 via @YouTube

  9. "Paranormal and time-travelling romance" is a section at my local library? I... I... I'm lost for words...

  10. Bye bye Dez! https://t.co/8byajWvHiD via @ESPN App https://t.co/1WUoOd5beO

  11. "The Finnish capital, Helsinki, scored in the top 20 for density of coffee shops (80 per 100,000 people) and vintag… https://t.co/zPabSJKugC

  12. The latest The Sockymon Metro! https://t.co/9A51N2HRRN Thanks to @SkySportsNews @njpw1972 @nieruchan #repost #stanleycup

  13. @OfficialPWI It'd be good to see him win something gold, one more time. https://t.co/kAQvpii9tT

  14. Picking up Human Resources 1&2 from @bigfinish in their 99p sale was an absolute steal! #paulmcgann and… https://t.co/C2mMvRNhuP

  15. @Dr_Messiah The honey makes my knackered pancreas ache after a while, but I agree with you there.

  16. The latest The Sockymon Metro! https://t.co/qdc0m9xjTi Thanks to @SerebiiNet @zuzanamiya @NFLUK #repost #features

  17. My newsagent just posted a Mail on Sunday through my letterbox. I'm guessing this was an April Fools Day prank and… https://t.co/hPB0AgBDhb

  18. Ah, now that's how you give kids realistic expectations about the workplace...! https://t.co/mwHnSavYXa

  19. ...and she added that "the world must also be flat, the sun goes round the earth and Elvis is still alive (he lives… https://t.co/ZYpbybnZD4

  20. The latest The Sockymon Metro! https://t.co/nNgnD6kaOp Thanks to @mrbiffo @Open_Britain @knutrinnriki #repost #nintendoswitch

  21. The latest The Sockymon Metro! https://t.co/YTT86mwjFY Thanks to @strictmachine86 @OfficialWRC @mattforde #repost #ps4

  22. Who says all movie remakes must be bad...? “Our RoboCop Remake - (Full Movie)” on #Vimeo https://t.co/EYFFqIkzIe

  23. Mind. Blown. What Are Those Floaty Things in Your Eye? Science Explains https://t.co/D87dMS4tzW

  24. “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today, because if you do it today and you like it, you can do it tomo… https://t.co/4OfsQCr06A

  25. Gooooooooaaaaaaaalllllllll! https://t.co/XdMixMbvT8