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  1. Also you can use the Snes9x Emulator and it works okay. Regards.
  2. No problem, I know... this "hack" work demands time to make. thanks to you who gives your time to make it real. Thank you.
  3. Indeed, Fernando make alot of efor here. There are just small things to "fix" / update wich are the logos, but, this subject I think it will take some time due it need more hard work... it´s pixel art and it will need more work. Thank you Fernando.
  4. Okay I can see the uniforms are fine, just the logos of the helmets are not fixed / updated (just need that update), but, the update it´s very good. Thank your for your work!. Regards.
  5. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQy4UMrqOLA YEAHH!, lets check this out!
  6. Thank you for the update!, hope some one update the Uniforms
  7. Sounds amazing, I will have 3 excellent WR. Hope soon some one update the uniforms, but first the real rosters
  8. Nice, thank you for the upcoming update. Regards
  9. Thank you very much!!!. The only "thing... but or problem" it´s just the uniforms or new designs, the TSB 3 have the old one, but, I guess in the future this is will be fix / changed. Thank you again.
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