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  1. I was actually at my mother's memorial service when the planes hit. My brother and I were walking through a mall and all the tv's were showing the video of the towers... I honestly thought it was a movie or something. When someone explained what had happened all of the kids (my two sisters and my brother and I) were on the phone. Having lost my mother so recently, the world was going insane... I still think something snapped that day... the world changed... As a south african who lived through a small portion of the apartheid era, I remember as a child all the bomb drills and bomb scares we went through. Now the whole world is like that. Paranoia , anger and fear. I pray for those who lost loved ones in the attacks. My family and I suffered tremendously with the loss of one member, to imagine that pain multiplied thousands of times over, is almost unimaginable.
  2. Ok... Brock Osweiler CUT by CLEVELAND!!!! How badly do you have to play to be sent home by the worst team in the League????
  3. Hi Guys, After watching NFL for 2 and a bit seasons, I've come to appreciate the nuts and blots of the game more than the flash. Watching how safeties choose their markings and watching the direction of the o-line to collapse a particular side etc is ... hypnotic. So , as a noob... I'd love to know from guys who've been students of the game for decades. What are the skill sets sought after for the varying positions? ie: what do LB's need that DL's don't have/use? Why is a player a Safety rather than a CB? Which skills are needed for which positions? It's fascinating to see someone like Eric Berry attack and try strip a player , where his team mate Marcus Peters seems to mainly try intercept? Thanks for any responses(Even if you think I'm stupid) God Bless, MartinFN.
  4. Thanks Guys, I agree that a pre-season ROM is never very accurate, Bruddog. I'm just excited about seeing Lynch in action (hopefully). Personally keen to see some of the "bad" teams rub the critics noses in their success (once again hopefully). God Bless, MartinFN.
  5. Hi All, Quick question. This coming season is ... "interesting"... as far as big name players coming back from injury (Carr , Peterson in particular) and for one HUGE name coming out of retirement (Lynch) as well as a few interesting rookies (mostly Fournette :)). Now my question is, how do you guys rate them? For instance , Lynch hasn't played for a year or more, and was injury prone before he left. I believe you can't rate him as highly as before? AP, also... he could be as amazing as before... BUT I find it VERY unlikely (age and he is joining a pass heavy team). Fournette, could repeat Zeke's rushing performance but statistically most rookies stats drop coming into the NFL, which is understandable. So how do you guys deal with rating (for a ROM naturally;)) players like rookies and last season no shows? God Bless, MartinFN.
  6. Hi Guys, Is there an editor or hacking documentation for RBI 3 for NES? I know about the online ROM editor, but, I'd like to try make my own ROMs etc. This is probably my favourite baseball game from that era(pun not intended.) Thanks, God Bless, MartinFN.
  7. Hi Guys, I need a lot of help. Ok, so I'm trying to do a rom NOT using Madden as a base for my stats. (TSB). I've hit a hiccup. I'm definitely not the most knowledgeable person on football. Flat. But, I enjoy watching it and I enjoy TSB, so here I go. QS's are one of 3 types, Running,Passing or Balanced. Running backs are simply (ie by me) split into two broad categories. Power (High HP [44 HP+] low MS) and Traditional (High MS low to Medium HP[Max 38HP]). WR are, no, sorry, WERE simple. This last season I started noticing guys like Quincy Enunwa...Who is a very tough WR..(38 HP toughish?) , then started noticing Alshon Jeffry and Devin Funchess also don't play the most typical WR method, they play more like basketball players? That's just a simpleton's way of seeing it. This has led me to this question, In the slots like TE,OL,DL,DB,CB & S... Do you guys/girls see alot of different categories? Is there a High MS set of TE's? Are there low HP OL's etc? Could you point out examples? To me they all built and try to play rather similarly. Yes, there is a huge difference in individual ability, but, they all mold similarly? Any advice would be great. God Bless, MartinFN.
  8. Great work Baron, really fun update.
  9. I know getting all the stats takes time and effort for the various companies.... But... IMHO .... Some of the price schemes of not just PFF but most of the stats sites.... Are ridiculous... I'm sorry... But there's no ways I'm paying $50+ just to get the number of blocks thrown by the olines , or the number of yards after contact. (Qf the only two stats missing for me to make a 'stat' based rating system;))
  10. Excel thing. Just make your life easy, make sure you know how to "Insert>Name" columns... I learnt the hard way...
  11. Nice, Just a quick note, (not to be an ass) ,it might be easier to make an Excel spreadsheet and convert whole teams/rosters? One by one is a pain in the derier. Vlookup for the win.
  12. How are you doing the graphics? Lua script or ch anging the chr ?
  13. Ok... First up, this is ONLY an opinion not a hard and fast fact. Recently I've been on a bit of a sports game binge. And what I feel, or think, I've seen is this... In Ye Olde Days, most sports games seem to have been written with recreating the feel/capabilities of the teams in mind. Nowadays, it seems all the focus is on the individual players skills,capabilities and habits. I know the tech has mad it such that seeing LBJs head band soak up sweat , is possible. But, have we lost something? A team is alot more than the sum of its parts. Ask any sportman. Ask any TSB player... The feel of the teams is "right", even if a few players are peculiar(read: Tecmo Titans/ Tecmo Turds). I'm not throwing 25+ years of tech away... Just think maybe developers/programmers might want to look at the feel of each team, rather than making sure I can see the stubble grow on a players chin. Thoughts?
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