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  1. espn will air a gay orgy between the baseball tonight crew and joe maddon after the conclusion of tonights game

  2. RT @RockmanHalo: https://t.co/992lhN4JVF

  3. Content #PS4share https://t.co/4iqrIMw4Iv

  4. @KhloePrower What can we fill YOU with?

  5. @JeremyinAkron Oof

  6. @WahooRubio1809 @3rdBaseBlonde No that’s an alternate still

  7. @PfefferFeff @NJDevils @paddywarbucks gotta support the team

  8. @NHLonNBCSports stop being bad so I can watch the competitive game pls https://t.co/OD8ee3Aqlo

  9. @BCsouplion30 @ESPNStatsInfo So pathetic of them honestly

  10. RT @munilot: Final attendance for the 2017 2018 @AHL season. The last place @monstershockey top of the chart. https://t.co/10uKiAtAvu

  11. Horn guy was late https://t.co/Vy8hjDkOpk

  12. Key bank is in Colorado too???

  13. @Supertoasted @bluedigitalcat My man! The correct equipo

  14. @Sarochi1 @GamingAndPandas Ooooooooooo boy

  15. RT @BryanHarper45: Hey @Bharper3407, one hair dryer wasn't enough? 😂 https://t.co/l8hbpUWI7E