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  1. The end of game music is what throws it off for me and there's a hack I found here for you to play the quarter songs and only the final score music at the end of game.
  2. I really like the progress going so far the after quarter hack is the only thing that makes it not seem like the original with updated game play to a 2017 version. Everything else is really good and that's the only thing I would recommend removing. If it's not possible can you please tell me what I need to change and I'll manually update my version? Here also is an update to the L.A. teams info to be like the original. Thank you! 1. Change L.A. to Los Angeles 1. Change L.A. to Los Angeles
  3. In the next update could you please remove the stats after quarter hack. I can't get used to it and it always seems like the game is over. Also I think the juice hack still might need adjusted right now it seems maybe too difficult. I'm going to play a few more games but somewhere between your 1.3 and 1.4 versions would be great. I'll let you know after some more test games. Finally is there any hack that changes the defensive player from becoming impossible to tackle during a fumble run back?
  4. I understand it's a lot of work I just asked because I've seen how much changes were done to the college edits. Can I ask that you also add @gojiphen malor Eagles helmet he posted in the thread? Thank you so much for your continued work on this project.
  5. Does either of these topics help you @SBlueman @gojiphen malor?
  6. The original game the Lions face masks were blue can the two be compared somehow?
  7. Looking good but noticed the face mask got darker in this update?
  8. I'd like to see the new Cleveland Browns helmets with the dark brown face masks and the Detroit Lions now have a silver style face mask. Also the Carolina Panthers would be better to use #21 color for pants in both of their uniforms and also the division/conf scenes. They look very close to the raiders as they are showing right now in game. 1. Change Lions face mask from black to silver 2. Change Browns white face mask and black helmet stripe to dark brown 1. Change Browns face mask from silver to dark brown 1. Change Lions face mask from black to silver 2. Change outline of logo from black to blue 3. Move blue stripe on helmet down and make top of helmet same color These are my suggestions and any would be really great to see included in your game edit
  9. I've played only a few games but I noticed there seems to be more fumbles than usual. Can this be tested and maybe adjusted might be a bit too high? I'd like to suggest changing the L.A. teams to LAC. and LAR. to be in line with the New York teams. Also can the Cleveland Browns helmet be updated throughout the game? Thank you again!
  10. I'm really enjoying this tecmo super bowl version because it feels like your playing a human opponent when against the cpu in most situations. Games are a challenge and not too easy which is also a good thing. Thank you for your update!
  11. Thank you for the awesome game update! Can I ask if you could possibly please look at the Titans uniforms. They are gray/white in game and would really like to see them be white/light blue. Thanks
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