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  1. @FanMorningShow The Pens are on. Anyone who says “watch it on tv” needs slapped.

  2. @MarkKaboly Whew. Good thing they didn’t take any lower-rated players when they drafted Jarvis Jones, Ziggy Hood, and Rashard Mendenhall. ?

  3. @tuthill_travis @BuraGOATsky65 @ovetchin Sorry, Mr. 2004, there was one more before your time. ? https://t.co/bFA7uFcnvJ

  4. RT @MarkMaddenX: #43Years #43Years #43Years #43Years #43Years #43Years #43Years #43Years #43Years #43Years #43Years #43Years #43Years #43Ye…

  5. @TheClassyYinzer ??‍♂️How bout them bucks? ? ? ? #35million https://t.co/7s711RPEgK

  6. @Saint2181 @NHLFlyers Please do show me one NHL game that was attended by 5 fans. I’m dying to see. ?

  7. @VABVOX @PaulZeise I never heard of you before you started a twitter war with Paul, but you seem like a real peach.… https://t.co/nf8r3WVS38

  8. @therealjz24 It goes nicely with their 0-43 record in winning anything at the end of the season since 1975 though.

  9. @Donny_Moore Ben Roethlisberger

  10. @coal_well @DeanYB10 @TomPelissero Uhh that’s not even close to correct. His helmet is the plain old Schutt Air hel… https://t.co/dhmm7q0b9a

  11. RT @KidRock: God Bless our Troops. @the_USO https://t.co/NV4uuFGZIv

  12. @Awick253 @jfrae00 @LABS_214366 @BroadStBull @JMackeyPG Right. Well he’ll have all sorts of time on his hands to cl… https://t.co/tuu8XXDV6g

  13. @PensPoints please help. I can’t log into my account. https://t.co/y6vH2BymVh

  14. RT @steelers: Add a little 1️⃣9️⃣ to your #412Day. Retweet for your chance to win this @TeamJuJu jersey! https://t.co/PT1aeTurTI

  15. @Kris_fudge @barkerbender @EASPORTSNHL @penguins @NHLFlyers @NHL Imagine being this ignorantly dumb when your team… https://t.co/K6Bead1a7T

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