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  1. I predicted this Super Bowl matchup in the beginning, and now I'm doubling down. Chiefs and 49ers are going to the Super Bowl.
  2. Even though I was 1-3 on Wild Card weekend, I insisted on a home sweep on the divisional round regardless of the outcomes of Wild Card Weekend. And I'm doubling down on my assessment. 49ers beat Vikings Ravens beat Titans Chiefs beat Texans Packers beat Seahaws--this one is arguably the toughest call. Doesn't really matter to me, so long as neither the 49ers nor Seahawks win the Super Bowl.
  3. Here's a fun fact: The Falcons, Bears, Cowboys, Vikings, and Buccaneers are the only five teams to have never won a game against the Brady/Belichick Patriots. Considering that 2020 will most certainly be Brady's final season unless the Patriots decide (for some reason) to let him walk in free agency, and the Patriots are matched up with the NFC West next season, I think it's safe to say that fact will remain unless the Patriots meet any of these five teams in the Super Bowl next year. Additionally, the Jaguars were the final AFC team to get their first win against the Brady/Belichick Patriots, and the Lions are the last team in general to do so. Only took them eighteen years to get it done. Wished it was done a year earlier though.
  4. Also, a 3rd quarter penalty from 69 single-handedly killed any possibility of a Patriots victory that game. Think of that for a moment--the Patriots dynasty may have just gotten 69'd.
  5. Just made my playoff picks for the heck of it. Don't treat me as a serious competitor. At least we'll be seeing a new AFC representative in the Super Bowl for a change. But be as it ma, until I see signs that Brady is effectively done--a losing season, getting benched, traded or released, suffering a nagging injury he would have otherwise shrugged off a decade or two ago, etc.), and another team in the AFC East takes charge of that division, I will not count out the New England Patriots dynasty. They may be fading. But a dynasty doesn't end just because they've reached the wall. It ends when another team takes charge of said power vacuum--preferably within their own division (Vikings replacing Packers, Redskins replacing Cowboys, Rams and Seahawks replacing 49ers, etc.). Sometimes, a division may prove so bloody dysfunctional that there isn't a consistent division title winner; sometimes, the team that rules may even forfeit the division title to another for at least a single season. In the end, I'll believe the Patriots dynasty has ended when vital pieces are systematically pulled apart piece by piece, as the organization starts trying to replace said vital pieces. And from the looks of it, it appears that Brady isn't the only Patriot legend who is approaching the wall. I'll give you a hint; Edelman is one of the only players remaining from their transitional 2009 season. Think of it this way; the Patriots of the 2000's are in a great many ways, vastly different from the Patriots of the 2010's, right on down to the fact that virtually every player from the 2001-2004 era and even the 2007 season were on their way out by the turn of the decade. 2007 was a great sample size of what to expect heading into the next decade. But the defensive legends that they wielded during that time were no longer a Patriot by the time they won their fourth. In fact, Brady and Wilfork were the only players left from the 2004 season when they won Super Bowl XLIX (Malcolm Butler's pick), much less the only players from 2007. Wide receivers, offensive linemen, and defensive backs tend to age faster than most players due to the contact nature of the game. Runningbacks too to a lesser extent, since they're mostly just interchangeable and expendable (which is the main reason why Terrell Davis had to wait for as long as he did just to get into the Hall of Fame). Adrien Peterson was the last runningback to be named League MVP; Terrell Davis was the last runningback to be named Super Bowl MVP as well, and it's doubtful that we'll ever see another.
  6. Here are my predictions for next week (just for the heck of it): Patriots beat the Titans: Feeling really confident about that one, even with the Patriots' issues at hand. Happy to be wrong for once, but let's be real here. Texans beat the Bills: This could go either way since the two teams are virtual parallel's for one another. The whole resting starters thing isn't even a disadvantage towards either team since both teams had done so. So really, it boils down to two factors: The Texans are the home team, and they have the better offense. The only thing I don't particularly care for is Bill O'Brien. Eagles beat the Seahawks: This can be considered a gutsy call, considering the fact that the Seahawks are clearly the better team. But it's perfectly clear this Seahawks team is beat up on both sides of the ball. The decision to sign Marshawn Lynch out of retirement was clearly an act of desperation. I'm likely to get this one wrong, but from a health standpoint, the Eagles are both a hotter ball club right now AND a healthier one to boot. Saints beat the Vikings: The Vikings rested their starters, and the Saints are a true Super Bowl contender (if only somebody comes in and upsets the 49ers). On to the Divisional Round: Chiefs beat the Patriots: This could potentially mark the end of an era for New England (then again, the last couple seasons were supposed to be the end of an era), and the Chiefs beat them in Foxborough earlier in the season. That, and the Chiefs are simply a more complete unit overall. Ravens beat the Texans: I do not like teams that rest their starters. It almost always backfires on them. Luckily for the Ravens, they will either get a Titans team that barely clinched the sixth seed, or a Texans or Bills team that ALSO rested their starters. Frankly, I don't see the Ravens losing to either one of these three teams in the divisional round. Not much of a handicap for once. 49ers beat the Eagles: This could potentially go south for them if they end up drawing Seattle or even Minnesota. But considering this was their first time they truly held homefield advantage since 1997, I think the 49ers are going to come alive and beat up whoever they draw in the divisional round. Packers beat the Saints: This will be competitive, and I honestly believe that Drew Brees right now is a better quarterback with a better team than the Packers. But sadly, the Saints are on the losing end of the three-way tie-breaker, and will have to find a way to win in dark, cold Lambeau. Probably the toughest call of the bunch. Chiefs beat the Ravens: I said it once, and I'll say it again: I don't like teams resting their starters before the playoffs. On top of that, the Chiefs have had the Ravens number as of late, regardless of where it is played. I see this as a golden opportunity to make up for last season by finally, after fifty years, ending their Super Bowl drought. Should be a fun one. Unless the Patriots somehow pull even more bullshit out of their ass to win their way to yet another Super Bowl because god forbid the status quo in the AFC shifts over to another team for once. 49ers beat the Packers: The 49ers, for the most part, actually had it kind of easy this season (kind of like the Patriots, now that we think about it). And although this game should be competitive, I have predicted that whoever wins the NFC would reach the Super Bowl this year. Ergo, I'm picking the 49ers. Pro Bowl: Who gives a shit! It sucks ass, anyways. Super Bowl LIV: Chiefs vs. 49ers: Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid, and the Chiefs organization will finally be able to get the monkey off their collective backs and end their 50-year Super Bowl drought this season. Should be an epic one between the two most complete units in the NFL this season.
  7. Too late. The New England Patriots already exist. The NFL is pretty much exactly like the NBA at this time. Right on down to the ref ball.
  8. Okay, so I double-checked the Raiders' playoff scenario again. Yes, if they win next week, they can clinch a playoff berth with a Colts win and losses from the Titans and Steelers. But with some additives. Let me explain: The Titans would, by proxy, be eliminated from playoff contention with a loss and Colts win, regardless of whether or not the Steelers or Raiders win their games or not. This is because when settling tie-breakers, they are settled within the division first. And if the Titans lose and Colts win, the Colts would win the tie-breaker for 2nd place in their division, even if they can't clinch anything. So then let's just say the Steelers lose their season finale against a Baltimore Ravens squad with nothing left to play for (which could happen given how beat up the Ravens are at this precise moment). If the Raiders then beat the Broncos, they would most likely make the playoffs off of a head-to-head victory over the Colts as well as strength of victory over the Steelers. Unless the following four conditions ALL occur: 1. The Lions lose to the Packers (very likely since the Packers would likely want to compete for homefield advantage, and the Lions have given up). 2. The Bears lose to the Vikings (which could happen unless the Vikings rest their starters). 3. The Chargers lose to the Chiefs (also likely to happen since the Chiefs would most likely prefer to secure the 3rd seed, if not the 2nd seed). 4. The Dolphins, against all the odds, somehow manages to upset the Patriots in Foxborough (the least likely thing to happen out of all of these scenarios). Mind you, so long as the Raiders and Colts win, and the Steelers and Titans lose, the Raiders would only be eliminated if ALL four of the above scenarios played out as listed. If, say, the Bears beat the Vikings or the Patriots beat the Dolphins, Strength of Victory should play out in Oakland's favor. Luckily for them, all four of these games are playing in morning as opposed to the afternoon. Though not sure why the Chiefs haven't been flexed in the afternoon in place of the Rams. The Rams have absolutely no further impact as far as playoff seeding is concerned, and whether or not the Chiefs win their game or not will ultimately impact whether the Texans will have anything to play for heading into the season finale. Because of this, I don't think the Raiders are going to make it. Either the Pittsburgh Steelers are going to scratch up a win against a Ravens team resting their starters, or the Titans are going to pull an upset in Houston for much the same way. The Titans are, after all, the best of the three teams left standing in the AFC.
  9. Ravens, Bills, and Vikings are now officially locked into their respective seeding. Can also confirm that the Ravens will be resting their starters for Week 17, thus giving the Steelers...what remains of them, anyways...a shot to potentially clinch. Patriots are currently the 2nd seed, and can clinch it with a home win against the Dolphins, or a Chiefs loss. Chiefs are currently the 3rd seed. They can move up to the 2nd seed though with a win and (by some miracle) a Patriots loss. Can retain the 3rd seed with a win or Texans loss. Texans are currently the 4th seed and are locked out of the bye. They could clinch the 3rd seed with a win and Chiefs loss. The 6th seed currently belongs to the Titans and can hold on to it with either a win OR losses from the Steelers and Colts. If they lose and the Colts win, they are officially eliminated from playoff contention, regardless of the Steelers game. Meanwhile, the Steelers could reclaim the 6th seed with either a win and Titans loss, OR with losses from the Titans and Raiders, OR losses from the Titans and Colts. Now, the Raiders situation is a little tricky last I checked so bare with me if I get anything wrong concerning them. But the bare basics--from what I've gathered, anyways--they can clinch the playoffs with a win AND losses from the Steelers and Titans, AND a Colts win. Now to move on to the NFC. The 49ers can only be the 1st or 5th seed, which will be determined in the outcome of the season finale between them and the Seahawks. The Packers are currently the 2nd seed, and can clinch it with a win OR a Saints loss. They could additionally clinch the 1st seed with a win and 49ers loss. Can only be the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd seed. The Saints are currently the 3rd seed and can only be the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd seed. The Saints can clinch the 1st seed with a win AND losses from the 49ers and Packers. They can clinch the 2nd seed with a win AND losses for either the 49ers or Packers. The 4th seed currently belongs to the Eagles and can clinch it with a win OR Cowboys loss. The Cowboys could otherwise clinch with a win AND Eagles loss. The Seahawks are currently the 5th seed and can be anything from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 5th seed. If they beat the 49ers, they'll jump ahead to the 3rd seed. Can clinch the 2nd seed with a win AND Packers loss (Saints hold the tie-breaker). The only way the Seahawks can clinch the 1st seed is with a win AND losses from both the Packers and Saints. I know the Ravens are the best team in football by a wide margin, but I just have this gut feeling their decision to rest their starters will end up biting them in the end. Looks like the Patriots will be adding Lombardi number 7 unless the Chiefs, 49ers, Seahawks, Packers, or Saints put a stop to their reign of terror.
  10. So...the Browns, Steelers, and Titans all lost. But the Colts won. Which means the Raiders, provided they win tonight, still have a chance at the coveted 6th seed. Then again, since the Ravens are now locked in to home-field advantage, we'll wait and see if they'll rest their starters or not. And even then, the Steelers are so bloody battered and beat up at this point that it may not even matter. Which means I consider the Titans the best of the three AFC teams still in contention for the final playoff spot.
  11. Sorry for the rant at the end there. Took my meds. Now I'm gonna go to bed, wake up, and get ready for work because I've got nothing else better to do. Oh, and Merry Christmas you filthy animals. And a happy New Year.
  12. 5 of the 8 division titles have been clinched, including all four AFC division titles. In total, 10 of the 12 spots in the playoffs have been filled. The remaining two spots can be filled this weekend with the following: Steelers clinch the AFC's 6th seed with a win and Titans loss., Cowboys clinch the NFC East with a win and Eagles loss. Meanwhile, the Rams are officially eliminated from playoff contention. That's what you guys get when you assume the young head coach is hot shit just because he utilized the talent of his team roster while all the previous head coaches over the last decade or so failed to even recognize or even touch upon. Least the guy actually reached the Super Bowl. With that said, congratulations, Minnesota, Houston, and...New England. Christmas came early this year. For the Vikings, a one-and-done in the playoffs. For the Texans, J.J. Watt's retirement papers. And for New England, how about Lombardi number 7, and Lamar Hunt Trophy number 12? This is the reason why the Patriots are so bloody hated; even those who don't hate the Patriots per se, but aren't exactly fans either are sick to death of this team seemingly going to the Super Bowl as if it were their birthright. Their entitlement, more or less. There isn't a single team in NFL history that makes winning it all nearly every single year seem mundane. Even if you take into account only their nine--presumably soon to be ten Super Bowl births--and six--soon to be seven--wins, that's 10 appearances in the span of 20 years. And that's counting the two season Brady didn't start, let alone see much action (2000, 2008)--that's turning the greatest achievement in all of football into an average Sunday night. And it takes away from the other 31 teams that other people might actually prefer and would root for--especially the OTHER 15 teams in the AFC. And you know what? Something tells me the head honchos of the NFL are feeling incredibly nervous of the day Brady finally hangs their cleets. Almost as if a whole decades worth of bad management and decisions from Roger Goodell on down, particularly with the out-of-control officiating, the annual controversy-gates, and Kaepernick's attempts at the Guinness world record for the world's largest piece of shit pretty much forced themselves in a corner where they suddenly feel the only way they can hope to hold on to their audience is if the Patriots keep winning Super Bowls, while every other team gets robbed of their big opportunity through one contrivance after another. But don't worry. We'll patch it up with new rules and regulations that simply make things worse. Seriously, why the hell did these owners vote near-unanimously to keep Goodell on board as commissioner again? Probably because they're afraid the whole organization would be overrun by SJW types if they moved on from them. Maybe they should consider blacklisting the entire mainstream media. A whole NFL joint effort where they have absolutely zero interaction with the mainstream media for an indefinite period of time. They're parasitic leaches and are as close to irredeemably evil as they come anyways.
  13. Okay, I'm almost done in fleshing out my Power Rankings for the decade. Nothing's locked down as of yet (Browns could still make the playoffs and potentially disrupt my entire rankings), but I am starting to feel somewhat confident about the end results. All I have to do is decide on whether or not to include tie-breakers. That's the easy part; if the Bears win out and close the season at 9-7, I will not do tie-breakers. Otherwise, it's pretty much the only way I can think of to avoid ties, specifically with the Bears and Cardinals (who have one winning season; one one-and-done; and one 3rd place finish in the Conference Championship). All I have to do is work with the scoring system to see what works.
  14. Noted. Simply been too sick lately to comment. Also confirmed that the Steelers can clinch the AFC's 6th seed with a win AND Titans loss. Which means we could theoretically see every playoff seeding locked down this week except for the NFC West (and even then, both contenders have already clinched a playoff berth). AFC East: Patriots clinch with a win AND Bills loss. AFC North: Clinched. AFC South: Texans clinch with a win OR Titans loss. AFC West: Clinched. AFC 5th Seed: Either the Bills or Patriots. AFC 6th Seed: Steelers clinch with a win AND Titans loss. NFC East: Cowboys clinch with a win AND Eagles loss. This would lock them in to the 4th seed. NFC North: Packers clinch with a win OR Vikings loss. NFC South: Clinched. NFC West: Neither the Seahawks nor the 49ers can clinch the division until Week 17. Both teams already clinched playoff berths. NFC Playoff Berth 1: Clinched. NFC Playoff Berth 2: Vikings clinch with a win OR Rams loss. Finally, the Baltimore Ravens can clinch homefield advantage with a win or losses from the Chiefs and Patriots. The Patriots can additionally clinch the 2nd seed with a win losses from the Chiefs and Texans. Nobody else's playoff seeding is drastically affected this weekend. Take this in mind that the AFC East, NFC East, and NFC North all have both playoff conditions met simultaneously this weekend, though they all have separate outs in case of a loss (for example, the Patriots could still clinch with a win against the Dolphins if the Bills choke against the Jets next week). And aside from competing for a first round bye, the Packers can still clinch their division even if they lose in Minnesota.
  15. With Week 15 in the books, every team that could clinch a playoff berth last week did. Congratulations, New England, Green Bay, San Francisco (in spite the loss), Seattle, and Buffalo. You earned it. Here are the clinching scenarios for Week 16: Baltimore Ravens can clinch homefield advantage with a win or losses for the Patriots and Chiefs. New England Patriots can clinch AFC East with a win against the Bills. Houston Texans can clinch AFC South with a win plus Titans loss. Seattle Seahawks can clinch NFC West with a win plus 49ers loss. Not sure if they'd clinch homefield with additional losses from the Saints and Packers though. Green Bay Packers can clinch NFC North with a win against the Vikings. Or the Vikings can clinch a playoff berth with a win or Rams loss. Dallas Cowboys can clinch NFC East with a win against the Eagles. As far as I can tell, the only playoff seeding that cannot be clinched is the final Wild Card spot in the AFC. Though it is hypothetically possible the Steelers could wind up locking it all down if the Titans lose though.
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