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    Kick and Punt Returners

    Thanx a lot!!!
  2. Fernando 49

    (SNES) Tecmo Super Bowl 3 NFL 2015

    Of Course Dominik... At the momet I have a lot of job to do at office and online college. Tomorrow I finish the college works. Next week I´ll put them man. See you!
  3. Fernando 49

    Forum Software Upgrade

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! It's amazing. I love the new look. I know you are in hard work with this, but the pics in some forums and in downloads has gone. hope to see them soon. Anyway. This place looks so GREAT!!!
  4. Fernando 49

    (SNES) Tecmo Super Bowl 3 NFL 2015

    Enjoy it Bronco. The art will be in development and I expect to have it ready for the next one. Anything you like or dislike please feel free totalk about it. Thanx a lot for your comments man!
  5. Fernando 49

    (SNES) Tecmo Super Bowl 3 NFL 2015

    Thanx a lot RAWryano. That kind of comments make me try to do better things. just enjoy the game and I´ll try to create better and more improve ROM´s.
  6. Fernando 49

    (SNES) Tecmo Super Bowl 3 NFL 2015

    BTW I guess it´s time to talk about the hidden players I included. As you know, if you win 3 SB in a row with the same team, the hidden players will be open. Well Im a huge Back to the Future fan, and consider it was the 30th anniversary, I decided get into the Delorean and hit the 88 MPH to travel back to 1985 and bring the best players of that particular season back, and put them as the hidden players. Anything, please let me know!!!
  7. Fernando 49

    (SNES) Tecmo Super Bowl 3 NFL 2015

    Yes, there's still the job for the helmets, but that's a lot of work to do. Promise that in the next version there they will be. For now is great you enjoy it Bronco. At least you can see the Broncos in their uniform and with 3 WR formations and 3-4 defense.
  8. Fernando 49

    (SNES) Tecmo Super Bowl 3 NFL 2015

    Ok. As always Im glad to be here. I have updated the ROM with real uniforms of 2015. The offense and defense formations are real too. Please just check this last update of the season for the ROM and let me know what you think guys!!! Thanx to the TSB3 Bible for all the Hex help, drunken_honkey, amrush, and of course Dominikjagr. And remember enjoy the season cause we have FOOTBALL!!!
  9. Fernando 49

    Tecmo Super Bowl 3 NFL 2015

    Version 2015


    NOVEMBER 19, 2015 LAST EDITION!!! Well I had no intention to give another update, but after all the requirements, here's the last update of the year. CHANGES: REAL UNIFORMS!!! YES I listen to you and start to hack this thing... Most of the uniforms have changes or have been updated, check them out! OFFENSIVE AND DEFENSIVE FORMATIONS ARE REAL! Yes, Chiefs, 49ers, etc has 3-4 Defense. Broncos, Colts, etc change to 3WR Sets. TEAM TENDENCIES MORE ORIENTED TO RUN OR PASS. Now you will see Stafford throw a lot more, or Seahawks run a lot. I have the time to release Aldon Smith to FA, add Wes Welker with the Rams, Robert Turbin to the Cowboys and sit Kaepernick... Well Just enjoy and let me know waht you think!!! EDITED NOVEMBER 05, 2015. Well, half of the season has arrived and just 2 months of regular season left. A lot of things have happened in the league since week 1 and this updated ROM testify that. A BIG THANX to DOMINIKJAGR, he brought all the Ravens graphics and uniforms. A complete list of changes will be uploaded soon, here are the most significants:NO JAMAAL CHARLES NO LEVEON BELL NO KEENAN ALLEN NO CAMERON WAKE NO TERRELL SUGGS NO STEVE SMITH ALDON SMITH WITH RAIDERS KIKO ALONSO WITH EAGLES VALUES UPDATED FOR THE TEAMS, LIKE BEST VALUES FOR PANTHERS AND LESS VALUES FOR 49ERS, ETC... THE FREE AGENCY AND HIDDEN PLAYERS HAVE CHANGED TOO... (I'll talk about the hidden players in a future) So, just enjoy and any feedback is welcome!!! Finally the work is over. This is the 2015 season version of TSB3. Of course as you all know this is a 30 version thing. I did this for my pleasure thinking in share it with all of you who liuke to play TSB3. Real schedule 2015. Rosters updated to september 09 2015. (Tomorrow starts the league) This is a version including Baltimore Ravens in the Oilers spot. The 1st pick of the 2015 draft is included on rosters. Values according to the Bleacher Report 1000 metrics. In Free Agency you can find rookie players selected in 2nd, 3rd and beyond rounds. I strongly recomend to play it and restart the schedule when you finished your season, so you can play the real schedule over and over again. The hidden players have... The Titans and Texans ROMS will be uploaded in a few days. Any feedback is welcome and enjoy because... FOOTBALL IS BACK!!!
  10. Fernando 49

    2013 MT REmix Project Mayhem Trailer.....

    Awesome awesome job you are doing... Hope to see something when its almost over!!!
  11. Fernando 49

    2013 MT REmix Project Mayhem Trailer.....

    Thanx a lot Drunken!!! I found it man.
  12. Fernando 49

    (SNES) Tecmo Super Bowl 3 NFL 2015

    There is no problem. Heres a trade:
  13. Fernando 49

    (SNES) Tecmo Super Bowl 3 NFL 2015

    I'm gonna check this
  14. Fernando 49

    2013 MT REmix Project Mayhem Trailer.....

    Hi guys. Sorry to interrupt your nice NICE work. I´m all new in this thing of make a little hack with HxD snespal etc... I´m following your sacred TSBIII Bible, but I wanna know where can I change the Offensive formations (I mean change the 2RB fron Denver to 3 or 4 WR like lions or falcons) and change the defenses from 4-3 to 3-4 or viceversa. I understand of course if this shouldnt be here, Im just going close to the experts. Thanx a lot guys.
  15. Fernando 49

    (SNES) Tecmo Super Bowl 3 NFL 2015

  16. Fernando 49

    (SNES) Tecmo Super Bowl 3 NFL 2015

    Ok. The ROM is updated, and its called Final Edition No Oilers Final (Thanx a lot DominikJagr). Some of the changes will be found in the download page. Any comments let me know.
  17. Fernando 49

    (SNES) Tecmo Super Bowl 3 NFL 2015

    Thanx Nate, I'm going to look for it. I'll tell you anything. Thanx!!!
  18. Fernando 49

    (SNES) Tecmo Super Bowl 3 NFL 2015

    Yes, the uniforms are a problem... Also with the Bucs, I hope there's someone who could help with that. DominikJagr helped a lot with the Ravens!
  19. Fernando 49

    help with reset

    Too bad news really. In the SNES version you need to go to the schedule screen and in the options RESET... But I dont know about the Genesis version...
  20. Fernando 49

    TSB III Titans and Ravens

    trying to do it for the 2015 version, however the schedule mess is a lot. Hope ti have it soon.
  21. Fernando 49

    (SNES) Tecmo Super Bowl 3 NFL 2015

    Thanx a lot. How about Vernon Davis with the Broncos?
  22. Fernando 49

    (SNES) Tecmo Super Bowl 3 NFL 2015

    OK tomorrow I´m updating this ROM with a lot of changes tahat have happened in the NFL. Midseason update. See you tomorrow.
  23. Fernando 49

    (SNES) Tecmo Super Bowl 3 NFL 2015 - No Oilers FINAL

    DOMINIK THANX A LOT MAN. Great job the one you did. At half season I'll update the rom with some roster updates using your work. thank you so much.
  24. Fernando 49

    All THREE Tecmo: Convergence ROMs - NES/SNES/GEN

    This is a sweet ROM. Very good indeed. Thanz for the job Baron...
  25. Fernando 49

    Do you play TSB3???

    Yeah very probable Dominikjagr... I´ve played... I don´t know 5,000 leagues and skip the teams... Usually when you put better players in a team, that team has more possibility to win. My first experiments were with Jets and Bucs (2 miserable teams in the game) I traded great players and they started win. However I see some kind of overvaluation to Raiders and Cowboys most of the time. I suppose there must be more variables to the result, but players definitely are one of them...