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  1. Fernando TSB III 2018 SB LIII???


    With Beckham Jr?

  2. Tsb3 2018.?

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      How do I find the 2018 version 


    4. Terrell714


      How I can a updated roster

  3. Will there be a tecmo super bowl 2018 for snes.

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      I 🏈🙏

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      Any word yet fernando

  4. Fernando 49

    (SNES) TSB3 2017 SB LII

    Definitive version is here. Go ahead and take it.
  5. Fernando 49

    (SNES) TSB3 2017 SB LII

    Final version coming in a few days. Stay excited...
  6. You are the best DH. Thanx a lot man.
  7. Fernando 49

    2013 MT REmix Project Mayhem Trailer.....

    Amazing. I hope this can be reach and here I am with the expectatiuons. Thanx for everything DH Happy New Year!
  8. Fernando 49

    (SNES) TSB3 2017 SB LII

    Youre right! I left the clock speed for play 15 minutes quarters like 5 minutes quarters. I hope to have the time to change it to normal, in the menatime if you play 5 min quarters, play 15 min instead.
  9. Fernando 49

    (SNES) TSB3 2017 SB LII

    I updated the McCown's attributes... J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS.
  10. Fernando 49

    (SNES) TSB3 2017 SB LII

    Fine. Midseason is here and also the TSB3 version of this year. Rosters changes and Offensive formations to fix it. No other changes were made, because they will be included at the final version. Greetings.
  11. Thank you so much for all yhe support DH. I´ll try to change it man. Hope you are getting well.
  12. Im very interested in know how to change it DH. I guess its not a simple change, but if you can help me with that, I will try to change it.
  13. Fernando 49

    (SNES) TSB3 2017 SB LII

    Great news to read that the Juiced version is working the way has to. Yes I forgot to mention that the FA points are accurate to the salary cap and contracts of the real NFL, for that reason you can see very expensive players that aren´t that good, but if you are mixing them with the TSB3M, thats good, just enjoy it. Thanx for the reply, and anything you have in mind please let me know.
  14. Fernando 49

    TSB3 Legends - No Bo?!

    Bo was a historic figure, but he didn´t play at least 5 seasons consideration to be include here and didn´t won a SB. Was an outstanding player for half season... But, don't worry, win the SB 3 times in a row with the same team and Bo will be there, next to some other legends.
  15. Fernando 49

    (SNES) TSB3 2017 SB LII

    View File TSB3 2017 SB LII TECMO SUPER BOWL III NFL SEASON 2017 SUPER BOWL LII FEBRUARY 06, 2018 The season has gone and with it a lot of dreams and hopes and of course great teams have become, some are surprises, some other not. And with that of course, we can finally have the achievementes each player have and we can translate it to TSB3. Here is the definitive version, that includes not only the two versions (A&B for the 32 teams), I included the Juiced version and the Super Juiced version because some people ask me to juiced but not to juiced that much. Well I kept the same juied at the Super Juiced Version really complex and hard, and the Juiced version is a very playable version but harder than the original, of course not super harder. Anyway enjoy it and let me know what you think about it. As you can see, I was finally able to put the Panthers helmet in grey thanx obviously to the Master DRUNKEN HONKEY, you are the best man. Anywway see you and I keep working. NOVEMBER 4, 2017. Midseason is here and as usual a lot of things have changed, specialli with the rosters. Here's the midseason version including the rosters for Nov. 04, 2017. There are some adjustements for attributes and offensive formations. No other changes were made, No playboks or SIM Values changed, that will change for the final version after the SB. However this is a more accurate version acccording to the league today. Enjoy if you like it. BTW. I included DeShaun Watson as a free agent in the "B" ROM because he was enjoying an outstanding performance, just in case those Texans fans want to include him. See ya!!! Well the football season is finally here and with that, also the fantasy football, but most important TSB yearly is back and here is the TSBIII version for you all. As I like to recognize, DRUNKEN HONKEY is the guru on TSB3 things and his guide helped me a lot, thanx a lot for all man. Remember, I'm not a grafic designer, in fact I suck as one, so I do the best I can with the graphical aspect to bring it more accurate. ROM There are two as you know: ROM A includes BROWNS & RAVENS (No TEXANS & TITANS) ROM B includes TEXANS & TITANS (No BROWNS & RAVENS) The rosters are accurate to september 6 so enjoy it. Uniforms are rearranged to look completeley real. Free Agency and Hidden Players are different. Attributes are obviously fixed to the 2016 performance, except for rookies. For the very first time, I changes the SIM values. I hope you enjoy it and remember, football is back. BTW. IF YOU WANT A BETTER CHALLENGE TRY THE JUICED VERSION AND PREPARE TO SUFFER AGAINST THE COM... Submitter Fernando 49 Submitted 09/08/2017 Category SNES