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  1. Every team has a LB/DB 3 before I pick so I will take: Indys group: Herrod/Prior
  2. Per Discord: 8bit takes GB LB4/DB 4: Scott Stephen/Mark Murphy
  3. Eagles Select: Dallas RB2/WR2 Highsmith and Irvin with their 6th pick. Since Mack has RB1/WR1, Eagles take with the 7th rd pick RB1/WR1 from Colts: Ivy Joe Hunter/Bill Brooks
  4. Packers Oline/Bob Nelson and Company
  5. Eagles take: Skins Backups
  6. Eagles take: Skins DB 1 Green and LB1 Marshall
  7. Per discord: 8bit take Humphrey and Vance Johnson
  8. Bubba McDowell and Friends and Taylor/Bell/sadler
  9. 😂 this is what 7 shots of tequila gets
  10. Per list: TAdaos picks:: Marion/mcdowell/holmes
  11. Per List: Tadaos takes: Denver RB2/WR2 sewell/jackson
  12. Eagles take: Jets Rest (the absolute final 44ms RB) Lake/Nickerson/Evans
  13. Per list: tadaos takes: Maxie/Johnson/Turnbull
  14. Eagles take: White/Cofer/Detroit Oline
  15. Eagles welcomes Andre Rison
  16. QB Eagles for Eagles #destiny
  17. Marsh/Foster From Zona kinnard/mckissik from detroit
  18. Bears Take: Pats Kyle Van Noy/Scrub Tenn Adore Jackson/Corey Davis
  19. Bear take: Earl Thomas/Scrub Niners Oline/Kittle
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