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  1. I am drafting for Detroit: Denver DB 2/3 for since 8bit, player and BigHock already have that spot filled.
  2. Cincy TE for PHX- Holman
  3. Giants DB2/3 Collins/Guyton
  4. Per list, gats takes Greg Lloyd
  5. Casualt drafting: Bills Oline/Dline/K/P
  6. PHX Takes: Gary Anderson- RB
  7. PHX Takes: Raiders Oline/Dline/K/P
  8. Detroit takes: Anthony Carter
  9. Casualt Takes QB Bills per text
  10. I will make my selection since Jesus has his guys already: SD DBs/Dallas LB
  11. @hankthetank bring it. I don’t think you are the Wisconsin player people are concerned about
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