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    NGTL S3 Draft

    Denver takes: merril hoge/jeff graham
  2. Jebigred

    NGTL S3 Draft

    Denver takes: Cincy Oline
  3. Jebigred

    NGTL S3 Draft

    Den takes: Walker/Croel/Henderson from Den
  4. Jebigred

    HSTL S41 Draft

    Since Prime already has his QB1. The Denver Broncos are estatic to announce that John Elway will be coming home to Denver! Quote from Elway "I have been waiting for this moment for a LONG time. The chance to lead my Broncos back to the playoffs is a dream come true"
  5. Jebigred

    NGTL S3 Draft

    Colts Anthony Johnson/Jessie Hester
  6. Jebigred

    NGTL S3 Draft

    Broncos select: Browns Trio: MD Perry/Mike Johnson/Moore
  7. Jebigred

    HSTL S41 Draft

    Broncos take: Ottis Anderson
  8. Jebigred

    HSTL S41 Draft

    Denver will draft: Steelers LB
  9. Jebigred

    NGTL S3 Draft

    Broncos bringing the CC offense to Denver WR Jefferies/RB Tillman
  10. Jebigred

    NGTL S3 Draft

    Denver takes: QB Chiefs/TE Roberts
  11. I get eliminated long before I can play any of those guys 😆😆😆
  12. Will there be any real players at this event 😎
  13. Jebigred

    Drake and Dirt are on the mic, we 2 hype!

    Has @drake ever made the playoffs?!!
  14. Jebigred

    HSTL S40 Draft Format Ideas

    Qb rb rb wr wr te oline/k/p backups draft all D as individuals 3 dlineman 4 lbs 4 dbs 19 rounds. I know that sounds like a lot of drafting but would make the draft tougher I think. Maybe shorten the time between picks to 5 or 10 minutes to speed this up. Jeff
  15. Fourcade goes down on the last drive of the 1st half and Harbaugh for some reason comes off the bench in bad condition. The Broncos Defense led by Woodson and Bruce Smith force 2 fumbles on back to back kickoffs. Harbaugh converts those into 10 points to grab a 24-14 lead. Simms gets tackled in the end zone on the next drive for safety. On the ensuing drive, Harbaugh leads the Broncos on a -10 yard drive and Lowrey kicks a 70 yard FG to ice the game at 29-14. GG @joeygats I am sure you were still on high from Madison but I will take my best win in my last 4 seasons! Jeff hstl s 39 wk 15.nsv
  16. Jebigred

    Tecmobowl.org TecmoMadison Roll Call

    Along with @modeezie of course!
  17. Jebigred

    Tecmobowl.org TecmoMadison Roll Call

    I will be there wearing my Husker gear. I will also be the one winning the NBA Jam tourney Friday night!
  18. Jebigred

    Week 6: Colts @ Broncos

    I hated chucking all game but Hilliard injured and Mcnair in bad, it was really my only option. I will say @MattyD in 6 games so far, you are the first team to move the ball like that on me consistently. I need to train Woodson better to jump when he is supposed to. GG.
  19. Mr @modeezie and myself are joining forces in the NBA Jam tournament. Team name TBD.
  20. Jebigred

    Week 1: Oilers at Broncos

    It was a fun defensive battle for sure. I think that was the most punts I have forced in all three seasons combined.....lol It is nice taking the field on defense knowing I can stop something for once. You called the perfect plays on your final drive to beat me. Without my Sharpe heroics, I would have been shutout....lol I was playing a little scared vs Haddix. Should have tried to run a little more then chucking it in the 2nd half. GG!
  21. Jebigred

    Lincoln, NE - 02/04/17 - Tecmo Lincoln VII

    That trophy is coming back to Iowa again. Not by me of course. I will have to live through the real Iowa players!!
  22. Matt and I will be up Friday night to build up your confidence @regulator088
  23. Where will Madison 50 be held? The Madison Retirement Home? Trying to plan ahead!!
  24. Jebigred

    Thunderdome IX: Sign Up Thread

    I need my hotel room paid for in Madison. jebigred is in also...please sign up CasualT Thanks!
  25. @RetroNathan work on your fg units 😀 Not that I was cheering for Kyle to lose or anything