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  1. jebigred daytime, after 7pm central, weekends yes no
  2. Bears Taking Ravens Dline and the best kicker on the system. So important on xtra points.
  3. Bears Take: Peppers/Golden from the Giants
  4. So the Bears are used to defense so I am going D to try and stop all these crazy QBs in the Bronze Division. Niners DB/LB Richard Sherman/Armstead Combo
  5. Bears take the Rams Stud DBs gray/newman
  6. Browns taking: skins lb 2/3
  7. Bears Linebackers- Rivera/morrisey They suck but they will play well in the hometown!
  8. Bears take: Chargers Backups
  9. Bears take: Miami RB: Tony Paige
  10. Montana welcome: Anthony Miller- WR
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