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  1. Just an FYI... old helmets on some teams (Jets, Jaguars)
  2. Wonderful.. Haven't played TSB in couple of years. got stale. BUT this makes me want to come back and tell all my friends about it too. TSB......... THE KING IS BACK !!!
  3. The irony is that they would make more money by sharing it... life and universal intelligence is moving towards open source and decentralization.. That is the great paradox of it all
  4. A 2-pt conversion mod is the Holy Grail !!
  5. Would absolutely love a 2pt conversion mode even if its only for 2 player games (man v man), given the possible limitations for AI. In a 2 player game against a buddy it would be a dream come true.
  6. All this baby needs is a 2-pt conversion mod and will easily be the best game
  7. It would be amazing to have for man v man games at least. wish there were two versions of every rom... a man-v-com version and a man-v-man version with 2 pt conversions... would be truly amazing
  8. Great stuff Baron. Played with Kershaw and beat the Jays I really hope you'll be applying your many talents to Super Mega Baseball 2 (coming out this summer).. It will have tons of customization options and that game is a real game changer in terms good, yet immensely fun, gameplay.
  9. Update which one?... there were 3 versions released.. I think the first version was highest rated
  10. Great news !!! It's too bad about the skin color, player size, and jersey number color/style not being editable
  11. Cool. Keep up the good work guys!
  12. Good point. Boy that's the one thing missing from TSB that would make it topple all other games by a country mile: a fully functioning 2 point conversion hack.
  13. The only thing missing from this great rom (and I don't even think it's possible yet) is a 2 pt conversion mod. Once that's complete, Madden can be put to bed forever.
  14. This is the best rom. The fun factor is 10/10. The playbooks are perfect for man v man.
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