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  1. @timelesssports_ That stat line is absurd

  2. @adamamin @DwyaneWade Mavs were robbed by Salvatore. That finals was rigged. Wade FT count absurd

  3. @ATRboxinguk @KOKINGS4 Lmao

  4. RT @guygunaratne: Sixty years ago my father was a teenager and a new immigrant in 1950s London. He used to sneak into Foyles every Saturday…

  5. RT @BarstoolNewsN: This video of George W. Bush talking about his mother is the best thing you’ll see today. https://t.co/9e9sS6joRm

  6. I missed my boo, my dogs and the mountains. No place like home. #highcountry #boone #vino… https://t.co/rCjNTSCOku

  7. @RealBillRussell @AMarch4OurLives @Emma4Change @MSNBC @MTV @NAACP @NBA we know you, as you're a LEGEND and the grea… https://t.co/wm67A4YtCq

  8. @danWorthington @SportsSturm Right. But rules are rules son. Two bunny hops are beyond euro step.

  9. Real mvp 🌎 https://t.co/CJSlYOe3xj

  10. @MartysaurusRex @stephenasmith https://t.co/airgB8DnmO

  11. Excited for the @HPMarketNews event, April 14-18. Come by booth M-1029 to check it all out!… https://t.co/MAQjMBoQ3g

  12. National pet day? I have two of the best... https://t.co/gEhSOREsv8

  13. @zackfox @BrightUgwoegbu Her beak still growing while on that trump train. #ignorantinbred https://t.co/d8HZgHDevw

  14. He walked 72 hilly holes on this thing, swung a club many times and still finished at -7. Flat stud @tonyfinaugolf https://t.co/8xyhbHW7Wq

  15. @MattBarrie Ehh no. Overrated. And world sport, root for who you like.