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  1. Always the bridesmaid never the bride...this amazing owner has done well throughout his WTF career but always seemed to come up short in the end. Most impressive about Odell is he is able to change his game, evolve his game, depending on his opponent or the strength of his current team. Not only does he have the tecmo skill but being in a dynasty type league Odell is one of the best GM's out there. 145 wins and 79 losses in Classic had Odell as one of the top owners in that league. In 14 seasons in Classic he was able to achieve double digit wins in 9 of those seasons. In only his second season in Classic he finished with a 15-1 regular season record and made it to the Super Bowl. It was a tough 21-16 loss to a legend, Canesforeal. He made the playoffs in 11 of his 14 seasons but never reached the Show again after his second season. His final playoff record was 7-11. A very impressive stat is that in 12 of those 14 seasons he was able to attain over 4000+ total offensive yards and many a gains he achieved. He was part of the group that drafted their original teams in Classic and sure enough he came out flying, this owner knows how to work around a draft. Retro was a bit more of a struggle for Odell but he still managed his way thru. Finished with a winning record, 151-128 and in his 19 seasons in Retro was able to hit the double digit win mark on 6 occasions. He made the playoffs in 10 of his 19 seasons and finished with a 4-10 record. He was unable to make it to the Super Bowl and was ousted in the first round of the playoffs in 6 of the 10 playoff seasons. He was only able to hit the 4000+ total yards mark in 4 of his 19 seasons in Retro, although his production wasn't like Classic he was still able to win and create problems for the opposition. Played 21 seasons in the WTF and had a great career playing and gm'ing. 183 wins to his 156 losses Odell always showed well during the regular season. Hit the double digit win plateau in 8 of those seasons and hit the 4000+ total yards plateau in 14 of those 21 seasons. In 2019 he was able to get 5008 total yards offensively but unfortunately finished with a 6-10 record that year. He made the playoffs in 10 of his 21 seasons and was able to make it to the Super Bowl 5 times. All 5 times would see Odell fall to the eventual champion, such bad luck for such a great owner. He had a 13-10 playoff record but the 5 opportunities to get his ring will haunt him for a long time. So we know he can win, we know he can move the ball with ease, we know he'll have the opportunity in the playoffs but can he win the Big Game? He drafts and trades so well but will this setup hurt an owner like Odell? No snake draft and due to his talent he'll be drafting late in each round not to mention no trading after the initial draft. Should be interesting in Detroit but Odell always finds a way.
  2. Our last member of the custodial crew, Oklahoma has shown traits for him to be included in the 'SPECIAL' 24. I wonder if the custodial crew were all included for the fact they helped out the leagues while so many were bailing. This is a huge honour for all of them to be a part of THE WTF and I think all of them know that. With 61 games under his belt Oklahoma showed well, its hard to know how good this owner is when in most of those games he was in mop up duty. He actually had a couple of nice seasons in Classic so maybe there is hope for this owner in THE WTF. Out of the crew he is in Tier 3 for the draft order so obviously the admin team see some skill here with this owner. I've even heard he got the keys to an entire league, not something that just happens to a new owner. Oklahoma might have a feeling out period in THE WTF as it can be overwhelming at first but something tells me this custodian is ready for the big time and is ready to hand in his mop. In his 3 full seasons in Classic he was able to hit the 4000+ total yards mark in 2 seasons, not something you expect from a dust collector. Look for Oklahoma to impress early and THE WTF should take notice of this owner.
  3. Mister everything at one time in Tecmo has been included in the 'SPECIAL' 24. Kamp not only is a talented owner but is one of the reasons tecmo thrives today. He has been vital to the Tecmo community in many ways and THE WTF is very fortunate to have him in the 'bit' gridiron. Another lover of the WTF brands, Kamp has played in all three leagues and done very well not to mention commish very well in all 3. Classic was Kamp's Achilles heel. For some reason or another he never was able to get going in this league. He only had 90 wins and 114 losses in 13 seasons in Classic. He had two 10-6 seasons, 10 seasons saw him finish with a losing record and the one season at 8-8. He only made the playoffs in the 2 seasons where he had 10 wins but they were both short lived. Although his record didn't show he still produced offensively, he had 8 seasons with 4000+ total yards, I guess the gains were more important then the wins. Very impressive output from this great owner but for some reason wasn't able to pull it all together in Classic. 20 seasons in Retro and definitely the numbers you would expect from the Huna. He had 186 wins to his 109 losses and was able to achieve 9 double digit winning seasons including a 15-1 season. 7 seasons with 4000+ total yards but this time we saw results in the win column and with 6 division titles. He made 13 appearances in the post season and 2 of them would be for the Super Bowl, unfortunately he lost both shots at the ring. His final playoff record was 8-13 and he was oh so close to that ring losing both games by the score of 21-17. Kamp's WTF career would start off slow but he would eventually end up with 3 Super Bowl Titles. In 19 seasons he had 8 straight losing seasons before starting to pick up steam. He would never have a losing season again after starting with those 8 straight and really started to show his quality. His next 11 seasons would see him with double digit wins in 7 of those seasons. He only made the playoffs in 7 of those 19 seasons but when this owner made it in he always made it interesting. He only lost in the first round in 1 of those playoffs seasons and would make 4 Super Bowl appearances winning 3 of them. His final playoff record was a very impressive 13-4 and he was totally deserving of those 3 rings. Not only can Kamp hurt most owners with his skill but his GM'ing keeps this ship moving. He can build and play which is a dangerous combination for THE WTF.
  4. Looks like the admin team of THE WTF have a pretty good custodial team setup. Not sure how much mopping needs to be done in THE WTF but they have a solid crew if need be. With only 50 games under his belt Player has been asked to play in the big leagues and I'm not to sure how he'll fair. He's played his fair share on TPC and didn't impress there but I have a feeling the admin team saw something in Player. I know they stated that it was much more then tecmo skill to earn a spot in the 'SPECIAL' 24, they needed to know they would have dedicated owners that would stick it thru. Only time will tell if Player is one of those guys, he will have a great chance to build a good team with a top 4 pick guaranteed. It will be interesting to see if not going with the snake draft will also aid the top end of the draft, again, only time will tell. In his one full season in WTF he did manage a 8-8 finish and had over 4000 yards in total offense. The team was stacked but he did well to move the ball and make the AFC EAST interesting, losing out on the division title to Odell. It should be interesting to see who rises from the custodial staff first, is Player that guy...we'll see.
  5. Jfagundes is one of the most talented owners on the list, since hitting the tecmo scene he has won early and often. He can put together a team that will burn the best of them, he hasn't had the success yet in the playoffs but he's still early in his tecmo career. Will THE WTF be his new stomping ground that results in his first Title? We'll have to wait and see. He had a solid Classic career in the 8 seasons he played. 4 double digit winning seasons with his best at 13 wins. He never had a losing season and finished with 71 wins and 44 losses and made it to the post season on 4 occasions. He never made it to the Show and ended up with a 2-4 playoff record. In only 8 seasons he hit the 4000+ total yards mark twice, he could move the ball and score with ease but sputtered in the playoffs. He had 10 decent seasons in Retro. He had 70 wins and 85 losses in that span and depended on the run to make his runs in his 10 seasons. With 5 winning seasons and 5 losing seasons Jfagundes never really left his mark in Retro. He would make it to the playoffs 4 times just like Classic, and just like Classic he would go 2-4 and no appearance in the Show. The one league that made this talented owner look mediocre. Another 10 seasons in WTF but these 10 were more of the dominating type. Yes, there was no Title but he did make it to the Show and get a taste of what glory could be. 7 out of the 10 seasons were with double digit wins hitting the 12 win mark 3 times. 4 division Titles in the 10 seasons and 7 playoff appearances, he would finish with 101 wins and only 52 losses in his 10 seasons. These are the type of seasons I expect from Jfagundes, and this is what THE WTF should expect to face in upcoming seasons.
  6. Well, if you want to talk about a Power Ball Lottery Winner this guy is it. Forget about mop up duty this guy doesn't even know where the mop is. A true surprise for me with the inclusion in the 'SPECIAL' 24, obviously he impressed somewhere just not in the WTF. I'm assuming the admin team has some knowledge of RetroNathan because not only is he in this fine league he will be drafting in the second Tier. Does he pass or run? Does he play tough or loose? Does he WIN? These answers will all come out in his first season in THE WTF and no matter how well he may have done in some LIVE tournaments this is THE WTF. Let's see if his Power Ball luck correlates with THE WTF. GL.
  7. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, sorry I had to do it. We have another great owner selection here as he has been around 4ever and everybody luvs him...even Jesus. Chaos has put up some decent numbers thru the years playing in all 3 WTF brands, he does a great job building his teams to put thru the grind but is missing the final touch in the playoffs, ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Chaos had a really good run in Classic, the wins were a plenty and he made it to the postseason on several occasions. In 12 seasons in Classic he only had a losing season on 3 separate occasions. He finished his career with 107 wins and 79 losses, and 5 seasons with double digit wins. In fact he had a 5 year span with 12wins, 11wins, 11wins, 11wins, and 9 wins, making it to the playoffs in each of those 5 seasons. He won the NFC Central division in one of those seasons and flew in the playoffs on high each time. However, he would lose in the first round of the playoffs in each of those 5 seasons making the regular season seem null and void. He would make the playoffs two more times, losing in the first round yet again but finally getting his first playoff win the last time he was in the playoffs, but eventually would bow out. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. He had a rougher ride in Retro finishing the regular season with 85 wins and 123 losses. In 14 seasons he only had one season with double digit wins, 10, and he would have ten seasons with a losing record. He would be able to make the post season on 4 occasions but would revert to his old ways and lose in the first round on all 4 occasions, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. His offense was impressive though, he would hit the 4000+ in total yards in 3 of his 14 seasons in Retro, too bad they would fall each time in the playoffs. 20 seasons in WTF and it was a struggle with light at the end of the tunnel. He would have 12 straight losing seasons before finally going 9-7 in 2018. He made the playoffs in that 9-7 season but like usual lost in the first round. In 20 seasons he did have over 100 wins but lost more at 196 losses. His playoff record was 1-3 and the one win came in a fill in role for an ousted owner. He was able to put together some impressive teams, not just in WTF but in all 3 leagues. His position in the draft with a 5th to 8th pick will only help this dedicated owner come out of the blocks quick. I have no doubt in my mind that his team will be one of the better teams to start off in THE WTF, I think he will have a good chance to upset not only his division but even further down the road. Look for this GM to build and owner to play hard, but the playoffs...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  8. I hope this guy is good looking and picks up the ladies on a constant basis because there is no Stud here in a tecmo sense. Great owner and a great man for Tecmo in general. Slim has great insight and has never really been a problem in any league he is in, its hard to find guys like this today. We only have one league to break down, I'm assuming this man liked the NFL of old as he was only ever in Retro. He played in 20 different Retro seasons and was unable to finish with a winning season. His final record was 59-244 and this record has its silver lining. I'll get to the silver lining later but first let's break down his Retro days. His best offensive season output was in '85 when he put 3715 yards in total offense. He prefers to throw the rock but can get on the ground as well. Boomer Esiason was drafted in '84 with the 2nd overall pick and holds every major record for his Cards. Pruitt ran the rock for the Cards and Slim after being drafted 4th overall in the '76 draft. With the 6th overall pick in '82 Slim selected Duper who had a long career with the Cards. Slim has been able to make the right picks for his teams throughout his stay in Retro, and with a chance at a top 8 pick in THE WTF he should be able to get his team off to the right start. The fact that it's not a snake draft should help him put together a nice squad as well. With no playoff experience Slim will have to battle to make it to the promise land, once he gets there anything is possible. The Silver Lining...this is what it is all about. Although he has struggled, although he has never had a winning season, although he has never made the playoffs...he's here! He keeps his mouth shut and battles it out day in and day out. This is a GREAT owner, this is what we need more of in tecmo! How many times do you see a talented owner bail on a league because his stars retired and he doesn't want to rebuild and put in the time? Much respect for Slimstud, much respect. GL.
  9. Another one of those owners that falls under the radar at times but Gonick has always produced in WTF leagues. I expect him to win games as he has done that in all 3 but Gonick needs to step up his performance in the playoffs to enter another class of owners. He won his only Title in Classic, and he wasn't an owner there for that long. 12 seasons in Classic saw him with a 99-74 record and he would make it to the Super Bowl on 2 occasions with the 1 Title. 6 playoff appearances and a record of 7-5 and the 1 Title is a pretty good days work in Classic. He only had 4 double digit winning seasons but throughout his career he missed parts of seasons that may have altered his final record. His Retro career wasn't anything spectacular but he plugged in some numbers. 92-102 was his regular season record and in 14 seasons he only managed making the playoffs 4 times. He was 2-4 in the post season and really wasn't able to impress that much when it came to his Retro career. He had a few double digit winning seasons while the rest were mediocre if that, not used to seeing these kind of numbers from an owner with Gonicks quality. He played in 7 different seasons in the WTF and these were the kind of numbers that I expect from Gonick. 64-38 in the regular season and 3 division titles. His last 5 seasons in the WTF saw him finish with double digit wins, 10, 12, 11, 10, and 13 respectively. He ran rapid in those 5 seasons and looked certain to add a title to his trophy case but sputtered in the playoffs. He made the post season in his last 4 seasons, was unfortunate the one year with a 10-6 record but missing the playoffs. In those 4 years he lost in the first round each time. With such a great regular season in each of those seasons its insane to think he wasn't able to win one playoff game. Puzzling, he ended up quitting WTF out of the blue, one wonders if the playoff losses left a sour taste in this great owners mouth. Let's just hope that if things don't go his way he ups and quits. THE WTF needs an owner like Gonick and Gonick needs a league like THE WTF.
  10. I'd say of the 24 'SPECIAL' owners Stalltalk is the most underrated players. This Bits & Glory Super Star can be one of the best players in THE WTF. He has the skill and if he is smart in the draft he may be your first WTF CHAMPION. Not only can he play but is great for posts and creative game recaps, this is a match made in heaven for THE WTF. Great acquisition for this fine league. He only had 3 seasons in Classic and finished with a 24-22 record and made the playoffs in 2 of the 3 seasons. He never won a playoff game but showed his skill in making it to the post season. He wont wow you with the fancy stats or double digit winning seasons but let him sneak in the post season and eventually he'll do some damage. He had a very dominating stay in Retro and would win a Super Bowl in the 1988 season. In 19 seasons in Retro Stalltalk won 183 times in the regular season to only 113 losses. 10 seasons with double digit wins and 2 of those seasons were 14-2. In the 19 seasons he was able to make the post season 11 times and finished with a 9-12 record. He was able to make it to the Super Bowl in 3 consecutive seasons, after losing the first 2 in '86 and '87 he was able to get his ring in 1988. Not only was the 3rd time a charm but he won it against a powerhouse in Regulator. It was a defensive battle which in my mind makes the win even better against such an elite owner. 10-7 win and StallTalk went in the Retro history books. StallTalk played in 8 seasons in the WTF and although he won a Super Bowl he didn't wow the league. His Championship came in 9-7 season but like I said before, let him sneak in the playoffs and he'll do some damage. He went 3-0 and won a WTF Title, he would only make the playoffs in one other season but lost in the first round. He ended up with a losing regular season record at 49-50 but he was another that suffered having the WTF end when it did. The team was set up to start making a run, his last season in the WTF he finished with a 11-3 record. Look out for this owner in THE WTF, he is one of my cinderella teams in making a splash early.
  11. One of the most talented owners to play tecmo, he may not have the Titles to show for it but this man can beat the elite. He has a methodical approach to the game and can pick you apart and shut you down at any moment. A consistent owner, Dolo has always been near the top and will be expected to flourish in THE WTF. Classic was the one league that left our talented owner without a ring but like the other two leagues he left Classic with a winning record. In 14 seasons he had 145 wins to his 77 losses and made the playoffs in 10 of the 14 seasons. He did make it to the final in the 1997 season but lost and his total playoff record was 11-10. His consistent play keeps him from losing, in the 14 years he only had to seasons with a losing record, both at 7-9. Being one of the most talented players in THE WTF, Dolo had problems against the elite in Classic. He was 1-4 and 2-6 against Daboy and Regulator. 20 seasons in Retro and Dolo only managed 1 ring. He had another impressive overall record with 181 wins and 103 losses. 8 double digit win seasons and 9 division titles in his 20 seasons. Dolo can dominate this game his only problem is lack of success in the playoffs. If somehow he can put everything together he could win Title after Title and become a dynasty Title type owner. In Retro he had a 6-9 playoff record and that will not due to be considered one of the elite in this game. In 31 seasons in the WTF Dolo had 11 Division Titles and 1 Super Bowl Ring. With 305 wins in the regular season Dolo is another of the most winningest owners ALL TIME in the WTF. 16 double digit win seasons with his best being a 14-2 season and an impressive 18 time appearance in the post season. His final playoff record was 10-17 with the majority being the one and done type. He did make it to the Final on 3 separate occasions but managed the 1 Super Bowl Victory. Dolo has been known to gain a qb or two and in WTF he had several qbs that he gained to his liking. Shaun King and Ted Davis had stellar careers under Dolo but their attributes were due to the gains Dolo was able to attain. THE WTF should fear this man, and no matter where he drafts this man will win with the team he assembles.
  12. Mr. JJ has JJ'd in each of the 3 WTF leagues but the JJ hasn't brought Mr.JJ the final prize or anything even close to it. A great owner and a pleasure to have in any league, Swamp has left his mark on Tecmo without winning a Title. He brought his timed talents to Classic but only lasted 4 seasons. A lack lustre performance in each of his 4 seasons, the old vet never managed a winning season finishing 19-44. Amazingly enough he had a balanced attack in Classic averaging the same amount of rushes as he did passes but it still didn't make a difference. He had a better showing in Retro playing in 10 seasons and finishing with a 70-72 regular season record. Unlike Classic he was able to make it to the post season in 4 of those seasons but never managed to win a playoff game. 1978 and 79 saw Swamp with 11-5 records and playoff appearances, so the vet can put a season together and string some wins. Consistency will have to be better in THE WTF, if Swamp can draft a team that suits his game he should be able to come up with some good seasons and playoff appearances. With the draft order released today Swamp looks set to draft early and with no snake draft his team should be poised to win early. Swamps true home was in WTF. Not only an original owner, Swamp played every single season of WTF without ever taking a hiatus. 35 seasons in WTF and although most were losing seasons he always proved to be a tough opponent and great owner. Swamp had some really bad rolls in this league and let everyone know about it. Not sure if it was the reason behind his bad seasons but in a dynasty league its hard to build when your young stars always retire. He did have four seasons with double digit wins and in 2022 finished with a 12-4 record and the AFC WEST division title. He made the playoffs in 7 of the 35 seasons and finished with a 3-8 record. If Swamp can draft the right JJ qb and surround him with the right players he can come out the gates JJ'ing his way straight in the playoffs.
  13. I wish I had a lot to report here but it turns out this Cuban hasn't shown his face in the WTF. A man with great respect in the Tecmo community, there hasn't been too many negative 'bits' thrown this mans way. He has the skill to do a lot of damage in THE WTF as he has shown in many leagues that he can ball. With no WTF experience, Cuban did have stints in Retro and Classic. He played in Classic for 4 seasons and made the playoffs on two occasions. His final record was 27-23 and he never managed to win a playoff game in those two tries. He has a balanced attack but has a 'SPECIAL' type of run game, Cuban likes to run the rock to set up his game. It will be interesting to see what kind of team he forms thru the draft. Not much time in Retro to actually speak about it but he did finish with a 17-15 record and a 2-1 playoff record. Although we don't have a lot of WTF history here the owners in THE WTF should fear this man. He builds teams the way he likes them, you might be left scratching your head in the draft with some of his selections but be sure it is all calculated. Cuban plans to rock THE WTF and look for him to come out of the gates blazing.
  14. Known as a comedian more then a tecmo player, Timbone will need to clean up his act if he wants to perform on the 32 bit gridiron. Another surprise inclusion in the 'SPECIAL' 24 as Tim has been know to take his bone and play somewhere else very quickly. Does he bring what it takes to draft and build a team in a dynasty type league like THE WTF? He never played in the original WTF but has 19 seasons combined in Classic and Retro. In 9 seasons in Classic it looked like Timbone hid his bone and forgot where it was He never really excelled in Classic but it looked like his bag was filled with bones in the last season. It looked like he put together a nice squad that was pretty good at each position and his play showed off well as he was able to put together a 12-4 record and wining the AFC EAST. Maybe things were about to turn around for this comedic actor, maybe he was ready for some drama. He had 11 seasons in Retro making it to the playoffs twice. He only had two wining seasons in Retro, 12-4 and 9-7, both being the season he would make it to the post season. He finished with losing records in both Classic and Retro but Timbone has shown a glimpse of brilliance here and there. He will have to shine his lucky bone for the draft and hope things workout. Just we're all on the same page, having an owner like Timbone in the league is a huge addition. His involvement and posting helps the league thrive on a different level.
  15. Talk about experience, this owner has played in 65 seasons in all 3 WTF leagues. He's been up and down but always sticks to it, a very dedicated owner that any league would be proud to have. Was robbed of a Title but continues searching for that elusive first ring. 80-78 in the regular season and 2-4 in the playoffs is nothing to talk about, Chiefs Classic career was anything but classic. He had 4 great years going 45-20 and making the playoffs in each of those 4 years. He would lose in the first round in the first 2 years and make it as far as the Conference Final in the next 2. The rest of the time were more drone like seasons. Retro was an impressive run for the vet. He finished with 189-107 record in the regular season, hitting the double digit wins in 11 of his 19 seasons. He went thru a 5 year span with 13wins in the first four seasons and 14 wins in the 5th season. Chiefs would make the playoffs in 15 of his 19 seasons and make it to the show twice but would lose the Big Game both times and both time would lose to the legend, Daboy. Very nice run in Retro, really felt like he would eventually win that Title. 35 seasons in WTF, a long career with many ups and downs. Very active in trades in WTF compared to the other two, this might be the reason why his success wasn't as good as it was in Retro. Although he made several in Retro, I guess it comes down to the trades panning out. Only 8 double digit win seasons out of the 35 and he would finish with a losing record, 257-281. The league came to an end at the worst possible time for Chiefs, this last season he finished with a 12-3 record and lost out in the Conference Final to Odell. He had his team as strong as I think it has ever been in his 35 years in WTF and was set to make a solid run in the next few years. Only made it to the post season in 10 seasons of the 35, but was robbed...robbed. I hope this stand up owner has the best of luck in the draft and a fast start in the new THE WTF.
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