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  1. Play me I've been playing online less than a week. You'll be impressed.
  2. Unnecessarily adversarial? Yeah, must not be any crap members hanging around. That's why took y'all 5 days and a post from Turbo's job to believe who Turbo was. I bumped the thread because no one had commented and I thought I had a sound opinion on the topic. That's what forums are used for. nBo4Life!
  3. Turbo was playing his buddy cheefzboy86 and boredom struck. So Turbo came up with a challenge that ended up being pretty fun, tell Turbo what you think. Hopefully this brings a few more games a week to the TPC. Turbo just wants to help. 1) Each player selects 5 different teams. 2 good teams, 2 middle of the road teams, and 1 bad team. (use x-factor chart for guide doesn't have to be precise, just use your best judgment) 2) Swap list now. You will choose from your opponent's 5 teams and he from yours. 3) Perform a coin toss to see who selects team first in Game 1. then alternate through Game 5. 4) Each team may only be used once. 5) In the event that you think your opponent gave you worse teams than u selected for him, you can opt to use your own list. But doing so will result in you having to pick your team first in Games 1,2,3
  4. Turbo signed up for a league like he was asked to gats. Turbo accepts your apology Brooks. Turbo thinks you guys are awsome!
  5. I know there are guys to talk about because instead of having games in the TPC like should be happening I'm having to fill time reading through the leagues forums. Most of all same trouble in every league. Your preticipation is down to almost nothing in the TPC and with guys like you I can see why. Instead of embracing new members and making them feel welcome you attack. (Not everyone, I've meet some real solid guys so far) I'm almost positive that is not how a legit community opperates. You are right about one thing, maybe I should just play the computer, not as fun. But don't have to deal with all these Tecmo Guys beating their chest for an simple little ego boost. I'm here to stay, like me or love me!
  6. Read what I said!!!! "You guys have been here awhile you know the members I'm talking about." I know I've been here 3 days, that's exactly why I worded it that way. I haven't been here to determine the crap guys who are active but jump ship as soon as it doesn't go their way. Maybe you by the way you are talking. If the shoe fits wear it!
  7. That's one in the NFC and one in the AFC, not 6-8 on each team.
  8. I'm with you on all this. All the leagues with different rules and hacks get away from why I love Tecmo, simplicity. Start a new dynasty with a 91 season fantasy draft then upload the highest profile rookies from 92, 93 so on for the draft classes. No rule modifications, juiced players, or playbook hacks, you know, play the game how it was meant to be played. Don't only get members of the league based on skill but also activity schedule on TPC, forums, and other leagues. You guys have been here awhile you know the members that I'm talking about. If a league like this doesn't arise in the near future, I can garantee with a little help and a lot of work there will eventually be by my effort. But I'm a long way from that.
  9. Thanks, I'm sure someone will help me do it over the weekend. The TPC has been very welcoming to me.
  10. I'm mostly running off my internet on my phone, I could when I'm at home through my wifi if someone would talk me through it. I'm not an idiot, once you show me something once I got it. Can I host from a hotspot on my I phone? AIM: Tecmo Turbo
  11. Any quality league that will take me!!!!! But I know that king is right on showing true skill without juiced up players. And machine is right about having fun. I've played games on line and know the time needed. Tell your friends about me, I need all the practice I can get!
  12. I'm not that guy, but if I can help set it up I will. I've played my whole life and just getting into the online community.
  13. AIM: Tecmo Turbo Great man, I need to get my practice on if I don't want to embarrass myself when I finally do get in a league.
  14. First season? Dang I wish I would have got in at the start. Did yall fantasy draft to begin league? Sorry for all the questions but I'm flying blind because of my noobness.
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