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  1. Tecmo Bowl throwback is the snes version minus the nfl licensing, but the numbers and stats are the same. It's playable online. There are several emulators that support online play. I'd check out RetroArch. As of right now, I don't know of any active SNES online leagues for TSB.
  2. Just a friendly reminder to anyone on the fence regarding being eligible to win the signed Andre Reed jersey, to get signed up before October 1st. We're officially in that 1 month window now, and we expect some last minute signups/walk ins as per usual the week/day of the events. Everything is coming together well in preparation, and we'll be ready to rock for both events. If anyone has any questions about the event weekend, you may post them here. Thanks, -Trojan
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if Arda Ocal will be involved on some level. He does a lot of panels at these types of events.
  4. I had a tremendous time all weekend. After visiting Galloping Ghost Arcade for the first time, I rocked it out with Kevin Cab, Mort, and Tom S for some pick up games of Tecmo, NHL94, and Street Fighter 2. Saturday was very well run, enough systems for everyone there, and the folks working at DMEN were fast and friendly as per usual. I got plenty of pick up games of other titles after getting eliminated, and spent some time on the mic. On that note, the Mortal Kombat 2 streak on Genesis is over. Finally someone walked in the door and beat me, although it took about 25 matches before it happened. I was pleased to have found a new MK sparring buddy. My only constructive criticism is only the duration of the tournament drags on(nearly 11 hours), mainly from the best 2/3 series. The event was about 10-11 hours long, which poses some problems for those that try to make single day trips and want to drive back safely. Believe me when I say this was an amazing time. There are lots of ways to trim this down, and you have all year to figure out how that will work moving forward. On the day I had group play victories against Mort, Todd Daniels(Pig), and Green Majik, and dropped group play games to Nelson79 and Fast Ed. I lost 2/3 to Shallahbey, who snuck out a last moment score on 4th down in game one to take it. I responded in game two, then dropped a tough tough game 3. GG to him. In what will forever be known as the weirdest interview I've ever conducted, in what looks like a wedding ceremony between myself and @joeygats, the championship ring is put on his finger, and it gets stuck. He did get it off his finger off camera, and we continued on. A big congrats to the GOAT, who has since learned from his past hardcore woes, and adapted his game to get the championship this time around. Thanks to Tom for letting Carter and I crash at your pad. Carter(he's 11, doesn't play Tecmo) played and even won a game against @NMUFred, so that was neat. Afterward he and I spent some time on the mic as we were both out of the tournament. Can't wait to see most of you in Green Bay October 19th! Great job guys!
  5. Here's our promo video on Facebook! We appreciate any help sharing and spreading the word!
  6. Announcing our latest prize : a signed Andre Reed jersey with JSA authentication! To be eligible, get signed up before October 1st, and be present the day of the tournament!
  7. We're happy to announce another prize being given away for signing up early! This Gamerztek 16 bit HD is a great way to play SNES games on either your CRT or HDTV! Sign up before September 1st, and get entered to win this the day of the tournament!
  8. No doubt, you could put the controller down against Houston with Cleveland's defense vs Houston and have a similar result.
  9. We are partnering with Brad Bell from Tecmo Bowl vs RBI Baseball to run an original Tecmo Bowl(Dickerson Cart) tournament Friday night at Boehmer's. The action will start at 7PM Friday October 18th, entry is $10. 100% of funds will be paid out, 65/35 split to 1st and 2nd place. We will have another sports or video game giveaway for two available to anyone who participates. The game play rules and team selection process can be seen on their website here : https://www.tecmobowlnes.com/format--rules.html Format will either be group play followed by single elimination, or double elimination. This will be decided by Brad based on player turnout, and available systems.
  10. Just like back in the days where dodgeball was played to the death. Also, believe this link, since it was on the Internet. http://sportiseasy.blogspot.com/2008/05/history-of-dodgeball.html?m=1
  11. We are happy to announce our next prize : a signed photo of Packers hall of famer and Packers radio color commentator Larry McCarren! Larry McCarren was as tough as they come, and if you've ever seen his digits, you'd agree he's hardcore! The photo is 8" x 10" in size, and has a Beckett COA. All paid players are eligible to win this prize at Full Nelson II!
  12. The champ is back! @Nelson79 returns to defend his crown! You can catch last year's Championship game between @Nelson79 and @allamerican1569 here at the 1:46:00 mark :
  13. Another week, another prize to be given away to a lucky tournament participant! This Ahman Green McFarlane figure looks amazing! It's sealed in the package for the lucky winner!
  14. Need some extra incentive to get signed up? We are happy to announce that we'll be giving away this Aaron Rodgers McFarlane figure to a lucky participant who pays before September 1st! Send in $20 via Paypal friends and family to [email protected] today to get signed up!(Must attend the tournament to claim your prize). Drawing will be held live during the tournament, where the winner will be selected.
  15. We could sort of tell what was happening at that point in chat. The stream unfortunately at that stage of the tournament was something of a slide show. Fortunately @SammieSmith33 was able to make some adjustments to improve things not much longer after that. I would be certain that his local recording should have that somewhere.
  16. We are happy to announce that the winner of @allamerican1569's Tecmo Hardcore Championship in September will receive free entry to Full Nelson 2!
  17. One of these guys is hardcore, the other is Brock Lesnar. The former is attending the tournament.
  18. In what may be a GBLAN record, we have our first signup moments after posting the event. "King of Tecmo" winner Timpapi is in!
  19. Tecmo Bowl Friday October 18th. 1st Place : Brad Bell 2nd Place : Ben Schwartz 3rd Place : Nate Merz 4th Place : Tecmo DPS Full Nelson Tecmo : 1st Place @TimPapi 2nd Place @joeygats 3rd Place @Green Majik 4th Place Tecmo DPS
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