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  1. @Darth RockMan was big time in this tournament. Taking two from @Tecmo Psycho and Mort back to back is no small feat. For those that were looking for the stream link, it's here.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGk4vlME4wQ Due to the length of the event, and upload limitations, Youtube deemed it necessary to end things after game 1 between Rock and Mort. It's my goal to have that footage separated from our local recording and uploaded as a separate video this week. For those that might be wondering what the longer pauses might be for, it's because of the round robin nature of the tournament, and the format itself. Because you couldn't call a match up your opponent had played in, as well as yourself, additional time and consideration was needed to determine what would be permitted. Due to the marathon style of the tournament with 10-11 round robin games plus the bracket, people needed a brief pause in between each game. I did not witness or hear about many blowouts, so the nerves of each player were certainly tested. As this continues to grow, I would imagine reducing the number of RR games will be a reality. I'd also imagine a possible reduction in play in games down to 1, as well as earlier bracket rounds potentially to accelerate the timeline before going best 2/3. Those decisions take place elsewhere of course. Congrats to the RSG guys for putting on another great event. It was fun to be there. On another note, someone had the bright idea of playing "Goodbye Horses" again.(Buffalo Bill cross dressing scene from Silence of the Lambs) This happened during the TPC I during bracket play last year. @toolie and I noticed it, and despite his absence this year, I let him know it happened again. Here was his response. "Would you lurch me? I'd lurch me..." I know @joeygats likes huge turnouts. Marginal growth of even just 10 people would add another $1,000 into the prize pool. The tournament is all about quality of competition, combined with quantity of games. Sure, your buy in is essentially doubled when compared to other national tournaments, but you get more than double the games, so keep that in mind when contemplating attending this in the future. GG everyone
  2. I thought I remember seeing him state that this weekend didn't work for him over on Facebook. I hope I'm wrong.
  3. Still trying to iron out potential conflicts that weekend, but the intention is to come, bring the broadcast equipment, and stream the action on Tom's channel. I hope your viewers like my voice, because they're bound to hear a lot of it.
  4. You're ready to take the next step buddy. You've been beating top guys.
  5. If someone could pull this anthem performance off prior to the event that would be legendary.
  6. Wow! What a great tournament everyone! We set a new GBLAN/Edge Tecmo attendance record at 28, for a warm up tournament! Congrats to JoeyGats on his first GBLAN tournament victory! Green Majik took 2nd, and NMUFred took the D2 Championship prize home! Thanks to all of our sponsors and players for making it a great night! More coverage from Venture Wisconsin will follow in the days and weeks ahead! I'll provide a more formal recap as time permits, as the dust settles, and we return to normal life once again.
  7. I was on the WFRV Game N Culture broadcast yesterday with @Nelson79. We talked NHL94 and the tournament coming up. For Facebook : If Youtube is more your thing :
  8. It's with a sad heart I must report Ahman Green had a death in the family this week. The wake is Friday, the funeral is Saturday. As a result he cannot be with us during this difficult time. Any one that was coming on the basis of his appearance will be offered a refund if they no longer wish to participate. https://www.facebook.com/gbnhl94/videos/2345073375738337/
  9. Thanks for the kind words GM! So far we are rocking about 27 players for Tecmo, and about 31 for NHL94. Definitely could use more, but the overall participation is up from last year's weekend. We are hoping for a few more 94 players to come out of the woodwork and get their sign ups in.
  10. Our current TSB cap is 32 players for this tournament due to time and space(estimated room for 16 setups) Between playing sponsors and paid players, we are at 27 players. While two of us(Myself and Baconfan) can step out to allow someone else paying in, we are still getting close to full. We are not competing against the Brewers this time, and we are only allowing digital payment, so we don't expect many(if any) cancellations from currently signed up players. We don't wish to turn anyone away, so if you were planning on being a part of the fun, please sign up!
  11. Hey everyone! We released a promo video out there. Would certainly appreciate any shares out there on FB, YT, or Twitter. Facebook Link https://www.facebook.com/gbnhl94/videos/921026914954928/ Youtube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9F8nZFxWgS0 Twitter link https://twitter.com/trojanvoice/status/1095304491027570688
  12. I'll be on the "Why Not" Venture Wisconsin show with Ahman Green tonight, estimated start time 5:30 CST. We will be talking about our NHL94 and Tecmo Super Bowl tournaments.
  13. Happy to announce that during Saturday's events, free pizza will be provided courtesy Kos Realty Group!
  14. Our turnout for Tecmo is looking very decent considering it's on a Friday night. Due to time constraints we may be imposing a 32 person limit on this. If you are wanting to be in on this make sure to send in your payment to lock in your spot.
  15. Things got a bit delayed due to some technical challenges, but here's the clip where I'm on talking mostly NHL94, but Tecmo does get a mention in there too. Enjoy!
  16. I love how they froze the game on the broadcast after one play! Sounds like an amazing time for a great cause!
  17. Confirmed, will be live 2PM EST on www.twitch.tv/trugamefanstv, talking about the tournament weekend with Ahman Green and Nyxi!
  18. Loving the Kung Fu graphic, and the 3 tier system. Also looking forward to watching the stream.
  19. We are very pleased to announce that Green Bay Packers all time leading rusher Ahman Green will be at the tournament competing in and helping commentate the action all weekend! Ahman is also part owner of our broadcast sponsor, TGFN. Together we will be streaming the action on twitch.tv/tgfnretro. Details regarding how to obtain an autograph from Ahman while at the same time blessing someone in need will be announced before the day of the tournament.
  20. A big thanks to our newest sponsor, Titletown Financial Services LLC, who is providing pizza for us Friday February 22nd during the Tecmo Super Bowl tournament!
  21. I wonder if that play in game was on the stream. It's been so long I don't remember. At least the results can be confirmed if something is missing, although it would involve combing through some footage.
  22. We are please to announce that the winner of this Tecmo Super Bowl tournament will earn free entry to Mort's Tecmo Players Championship, tentatively slated for April 6th, 2019 in Chicago Illinois. This is a $100 value, and up for grabs to the best player come February 22nd!
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