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  1. Glad to see that I'm probably ranked as the #1 overall seed. 😂
  2. What : Full Nelson Tecmo Super Bowl Hardcore Format Tournament When : October 20th, 2018, 10:30 AM Where : Edge VR Arcade 2642 Packerland Dr, Green Bay, WI 54313 Cost : $25 via Paypal to [email protected], $30 at the door. $5 discount for prepay on or before September 25th. Format : Swiss followed by single elimination bracket. Prizes: Payouts to top 4 players will be made in a 50/25/15/10 percentage. Payout is directly tied to number of entrants, and total entry fees collected. Approximately 2/3 of entry fees collected are paid out in prize pools. Example : 40 players prepay before cutoff and pay $20. Rounding to the nearest dollar the prize pool would be $528. 1st $264/2nd $132/3rd $79/4th $53. Additional collectable prizes will be available to win. Players may also RSVP our Facebook event https://tinyurl.com/tecmofullnelson Rules: 1. Tier list for group play. Winner of coin toss is player 1 and chooses tier. Loser of coin toss chooses team from tier player 1 selected or a lower tier. Winner of coin toss chooses team second from tier originally chosen or lower tier. 2. We will not keep track of teams used during group play. Choose the team that best suits you in group play under the tier list guidelines. 3. Customizing Playbooks and Lineup Changes. You are allowed to change your selected team's playbook before each game. Checking the change / substitution screen is allowed during gameplay. Once per quarter for each player is the recommendation. 4. All substitutions of any player in any position is LEGAL. 5. No ties. If a game is tied when regulation concludes, competitors will proceed to OT. All OT’s will be 5-minute sudden death periods. If no one scores in the first OT, the second OT will be only the first quarter in a new game. This process will be repeated until a winner emerges. So that one competitor does not start with the ball in every OT period, the receiving team (i.e. team that gets the ball first) shall alternate beginning with the second OT period. 6. Defensive Lineman Lurching / Nose Tackle Dive / Any D-Lineman Dive is LEGAL. 7. Nintendo Malfunctions: If there is an equipment failure in the first half, games will be replayed from the start. If equipment malfunctions in the 2nd half, only the second half is replayed. In that event, the scores from each half are added together to obtain a final score. If the game was uncompetitive or the equipment malfunctioned due to human error, the tourney organizers reserve the right to declare a winner without replaying any portion of the game. 8. Tournament Disputes: Trojan1979 is the sole tournament referee. He will decide all disputes as he is not a competitor in this event. 9. Competitors are allowed to bring their own controller, but it has to be an official Nintendo rectangle controller, official Nintendo dogbone controller, or a Hyperkin, Cirka, Gamerztek, or Old Skool 3rd party controller. We reserve the right to inspect and deny use of any controller for any reason. 10. All systems are either original NES consoles, or top loading clone consoles by Gamerztek, all hooked up via composite connection on CRT screens. MARQUEE MATCHUP STREAM - https://www.twitch.tv/tgfnretro This professional live coverage will be voiced and broadcasted by Troy GBLAN, organizer and voice of the GBLAN Online Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament. Troy will be showcasing the best players this tournament has to offer from opening kickoff until the champion is crowned! I encourage everyone to check out tgfnretro on Twitch and follow as they cover Tecmo events all over the country. THE PLAYER’S STREAM: - https://www.youtube.com/theretrosportsgamer Have you ever wanted to be a commentator at a Tecmo Tournament? Maybe you just want to cut a wrestling promo Tecmo style? This is your opportunity! This stream will be run by The Retro Sports Gamer teams. The goal of this stream is to capture the natural essence of the tournament and get as many unique players on stream as possible. Want to play on stream? Just ask! We will do our best to broadcast your game next. Players that register and can't make the tournament with at least one week notice will be fully refunded. Dallaire Realty has stepped up as a pizza sponsor, so free pizza is awesome.. Currently the Edge VR Arcade is working on securing a beer license. I've been assured that in the unlikely event that this doesn't happen, we will be able to bring our own and do a beer swap. This worked very well during the NHL94 tournament we ran there back in February.
  3. Congrats to @NMUFred on his victory last night, winning free entry! We did get to stream, but had limited time to get in and out of the venue, so we didn't have time to dial in the stream audio very well. We were still able to capture games and add some commentary. Enjoy!
  4. You will be able to see our satellite tournament streamed tonight after 8 PM CST. Head on over to www.twitch.tv/tgfnretro to hang out with us as we give away free access to our October 20th tournament!
  5. I think we need to make a SOPB Posse at Tundra Bowl, and let him have it. Meh, that prize is all mine son. Honor and glory.
  6. Dude sign up already. Tournaments without shoulder shimmies are rarely worth attending.
  7. On the Friday night festivities, are the challenges going to be NES exclusive? I'll understand if you can't answer that just yet as I know you are doing the Friday once a week reveal thing.
  8. trojan1979

    Great On-Field personalities

    Pat McAfee
  9. We are holding a free satellite tournament Friday night, as we shoot footage for our promo video. Free entry to our October 20th event is on the line to the winner, or highest placing player that hasn't won a GBLAN or competing tournament event. https://www.facebook.com/events/1815856331863516/
  10. Greg Cundari aka Angryjay93, the defending King of 94 Sega Genesis champion of NHL94 will be present for this one. Flight is booked. I'm sure we will have some side NHL94 action going on throughout the weekend, in case you want to get your confidence cross checked.
  11. I brought one of my kiddos over to the venue today for some VR. Thought i'd share a glimpse of the venue to everyone. The space will be made to accomodate our tournament needs. Having run a successful NHL94 tournament there already, a the time the venue being half the size, this should be a solid experience for everyone. You might have to friend me on Facebook if you can't view it. https://www.facebook.com/100011188508470/videos/660793510970260/
  12. I believe that Ruble did a 25th anniversary cart only release, something along those lines.
  13. Can't wait to finally meet you!
  14. trojan1979

    GUIDE: Live Streaming 2.0

    A fresh "Streaming in 2018-20xx" might be just the ticket. The game has changed some. With services like restream, OBS Studio now being the preferred free application, the use of mixers, composite splitters, RGB and HDMI solutions, overlay artists, etc, this could be a good resource for those wanting to start fresh, or up their game.
  15. Always fun to try these out. CPU kicked onside attempt, recovered by Aaron Rodgers, who proceeded to run faster than QB Eagles. I remember something similar with a pass 3 flea flicker back in 2013 or 2014. Brady would run like the wind after getting the ball back. Thanks to all who put the work into keep a fresh coat of paint on this game.
  16. trojan1979

    Idea for New Tecmo Game

    In the last generation console cycle, there was a game released called Tecmo Bowl Throwback, which essentially ran the SNES version of Tecmo Super Bowl, redid the player and team colors, renamed the players, and retained the original stats. It did give you the ability to edit player names, and the game was rendered in 3D, although you could switch to the 2D sprites with the press of a button. I was never able to find an opponent online after purchasing it, and frankly, the snes engine wasn't the best version of the game. IMO the further and further away they get from the NES version of the game, the further they get away from the best football game ever made. I don't know where the exclusive NFL license factor comes into play in all of this, but Tecmo Super Bowl would have to be overhauled to be playable online through an official source For Tecmo Bowl they simply had the player names stripped, as the teams were just cities with unofficial team logos. Team selection on TSB includes official logos, and even the name Super Bowl is trademarked. I don't know where things are at as far as virtual console games being made to be online capable. The next fun in all of this is the lack of available opponents, and the typical trolling disconnecting players you'd get in modern sports games like Madden. To play online today, you have to team your beatings like a champ, otherwise people won't want to play you again. The list of players isn't enormous today, but they at least all congregate in the same space. If you want to play online, utilize the TSB Discord, get your emulator and router dialed in, and enjoy life.
  17. 13 signups, not a bad start this week. Sign up, just do it!
  18. It's certainly the uncut cocaine of Tecmo.
  19. Thanks for your question! Forgive the long answer, but I'm hoping to answer more broadly so folks understand what's different in case anyone else stumbles on this question. The Hardcore format, which allows lurching from the DL position is in the minority when compared with the majority of tournaments that have emerged over the years. We acknowledge that this format does cause certain challenges and risks for some teams, and certain playbook selections. This and other rules such as the ability to place WR in running plays alters things based on your preferred team selection, but does not break the game. Teams with faster MS QBs are more easily able to avoid lurching while under center, as well as make opponents pay for doing so. Vinnie, Majik, and Peete all give their team a boost in this cause. Teams with elite defenders on the DL, especially the NT position can pose risk to certain under center plays. Teams like the Packers, Raiders, and the Lions all valued just a bit higher because of these positional advantages. Teams that can step up their running attack with this rule set include Houston, Philly, Miami, LA Rams, Minnesota, Washington, Atlanta, Green Bay, and New England. If you'd like to take a look at the video coverage posted in this response of the Hardcore Tecmo Championship in Chicago, you will see that the Tecmo cream still rises to the top. In short, we believe that there is a demand for a tournament format that is minimally restrictive in its approach, giving newer players an opportunity to hit the ground running without having a complex rule set for them to navigate, while still providing competitive high level play at the top. The Tecmo Hardcore Championship proved this was a successful format, and with a bit of tweaking to the tiers, we are bringing said format to Green Bay. I hope you will join us!
  20. If Tier 1 is called, and Player 2 is so bold as to call Seattle, Player 1 can still select a Tier 1 team, or any other team(except Seattle) based on this rule set. Those of us that have played Tecmo for any length of time would say that's not a wise move for Player 2, but to each his own.
  21. @Knobbe it looks like this got pinned, so thank you very much. Thanks for the questions, and let me get those answered. $30 is the walk in cost, as in anyone that walks in the day of the event to register. $25 is the cost to those that register online after September 25th. Those that register on or before September 25th receive a discount of $5 knocking the price of participation down to $20. Hopefully that clears that up for you. At this time there is no cover for being a spectator at this event. As this is being held at a business(Edge VR Arcade) with public traffic, ultimately paying customers of the venue, and our tournament participants would receive priority access over spectators should the venue reach an occupancy capacity. Spectators are encouraged to visit, and take advantage of the amazing experience put on by the Edge VR Arcade team. There truly is nothing like it in our regional market.
  22. Current RSVP Total players 18 1 - The Retro Sports Gamer 2 - Hank the Tank 3 - DPS(Daniel Patrick Slattery) 4 - Apple Jacks 5 - PunkyQB 6 - Nelson79 7 - Angryjay93 8 - Michael Joyce(owner of Player 2 Arcade Bar) 9 - Green Bay Greg(Owner of Dallaire Realty and our pizza sponsor) 10 - NMUFred(won free entry) 11 - Joeygats 12 - Phil Enderby 13 - Timpapi 14 - Ryan Murdock 15 - Chris Bain 16 - Robert Johnson 17 - Richard Fredrick 18 - Lumberjack Cracks
  23. Rumor has it this weird guy is bringing his broadcast equipment to broadcast this event, and no I'm not talking about @kevincabarello, although he should go, and bring friends.